Why is it a good idea for a rookie to launch a coffee shop?

Want to start a business but limited capital? You have never worked in the market before? You want to reduce risk while shortening the payback period? If that is the case, starting a coffee shop would be a good idea. Why is running a coffee shop a good business?

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  1. Coffee shop is a popular business field

Coffee is ranked in the TOP 3 most consumed beverages in the world (After tea and water). The demand for coffee is constantly increasing over time. According to the Report of the Agriculture Industry of Vietnam (in 2021), up to 65% of the coffeeholics drink coffee 7 times a week. Vietnam’s coffee consumption is expected to reach 2.6kg/capita/year by 2021 (5 times higher than 2015).


Coffee is a very attractive business in Vietnam. The country currently has more than 550,000 coffee business establishments. In which, there are many high-class coffee shop chains with foreign brands. There are even foreign brands that own nearly 150 stores across the country.

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In 2020 - 2021, the coffee industry had witnessed a series of coffee shops closing and paying ground due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But “in danger there is opportunity”! This is an opportunity for anyone who wants to start a coffee business to choose the right model; standardize operating processes and create new business methods. By doing it well, surely the coffee business can thrive when society is already “eager” to enter the new normal.

But why is running a coffee shop a good business? The answer is not only that!

  1. There are many coffee suppliers

Running a coffee shop business, the owner does not have to be “troubled” looking for the standard ingredients’ source. Vietnam is currently the second largest coffee producer in the world with a market share of 17,1%. Just search the phrase “Vietnamese coffee supplier”, you will get tens of millions of results in just a second.

There will certainly be no shortage of coffee suppliers for the coffee shop. Your problem is just choosing a reputable supplier. This is not too difficult, because even those who are not in the industry can quickly list the top 5 most “viral” names in the Vietnamese coffee market.

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  1. Easy to manage business

Business management is one of the most important and “tricky” stages in all fields. Business management includes many items from revenue and expenditure management; employee manager; storage management; product quality management,etc. But in the coffee shop business, things are not too complicated compared to other business fields. Not to mention that restaurant owners can fully utilize the power of technology to manage more effectively. Managing 24/7 remotely is also just a small thing. This is the answer to why is running a coffee shop a good business?

  1. The expense of starting a coffee shop is not pricey

You can open a coffee shop from the city to the countryside; from small alleys to busy streets. There are many business models from the professional shop; online coffee business; takeaway coffee business; coffee trolley business,etc. for you to choose. You can select small models to start a business with just under 50 million VND.

Although the investment capital is low, the coffee business is considered to recover quickly. In addition to coffee, the shop also sells many other beverages such as iced drinks, juice, tea, etc. so it can meet the needs of all types of customers.

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  1. Brings valuable business management business

If you desire to run a business without experience, coffee business can be a “trial” for you to gain experience. You can start with small models such as coffee trolleys, online coffee, takeaway coffee, etc. Then upgrade to professional coffee shop models.


Do you have an answer to “why is running a coffee shop a good business”?

Every business field has potential risks. To start a coffee business smoothly, many shop owners pick franchise business cooperation methods. If you are interested in the franchising model, you can learn about the King Coffee franchise cooperation process. The reason why you should learn more about it because:

  • King Coffee offers many franchised coffee models
  • King Coffee provides a plentiful source of materials to ensure 4 vital factors: High quality, native coffee flavor carried to every taste; suitable for many forms of preparation and is purchased in the famous material areas.
  • King Coffee supports from A to Z including training baristas according to exclusive know-how. King Coffee’s products are widely accepted in 120 countries and regions. In addition to China, the US, Russia, Singapore, Korea, etc. King Coffee has coffee shops in the US, that is why you can choose a King Coffee franchise right in this fastidious market.

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All of the above factors are once in a lifetime for you to start a coffee business. Why is running a coffee shop a good business? You already know the answer. Learn more of the franchise model of King Coffee to get started today!

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