Best Coffee Distributors

Coffee business is a growing and potential field in our country. You can start a business in this field by exporting coffee. But the important thing you need to do before starting is to find a reputable coffee distributor that ensures the following criteria: Good quality - diverse products - reasonable price policy. So where is the best coffee distributor?

  1. Vietnamese coffee distributor

Currently, Vietnam is the second largest exporter of green coffee in the world with a market share of 14,2% worldwide. Vietnamese coffee has been exported to more than 80 countries and regions. In which, the main markets are “fastidious” markets such as Europe (EU), USA, Russia, UK, Japan, Korea, etc.

Global coffee consumption demand has begun to return after a period of being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. According to experts, the volume of the coffee import market of EU countries is very large. Therefore, Vietnam still has a lot of room to promote and increase exports.

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The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) creates a competitive advantage for Vietnamese coffee when exporting to the world’s leading markets: the US, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, etc. with preferential tax rates offered from 0-5%. In addition, according to experts, export coffee prices are likely to remain high. Low taxes, high prices are a “catalyst” to help coffee export business grow.

According to the goal of the Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association, in the next 10 years, coffee export turnover will increase more than twice the current level. Coffee export is really potential but the necessary condition is that exporting enterprises must have an abundant and quality supply; must really “deliberate” when looking for a reputable coffee distributor.

  1. The leading coffee distributor in Vietnam

One of the most successful coffee distribution company in the market is King Coffee. This name is the first and number one choice for coffee exporters looking for a reputable coffee distributor.

King Coffee’s raw coffee is carefully selected from famous raw materials areas such as: Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Cau Dat, Buon Ma Thuot, etc. With suitable climate and soil conditions in combination, these growing areas provide the best source of quality raw coffee.

King Coffee operates in the form of a closed coffee chain, from farm to factory, from production to consumption. The King Coffee production process follows closed European standards, which can meet all the strict export requirements of the markets.

King Coffee branded products are diversified from roasted and ground coffee; instant coffee; weasel coffee; Whole Bean, etc. to new high-class coffee lines. With diverse flavors, catching up with international users’ tastes, King Coffee’s products have been present in 60 countries and regions around the world.

  1. Coffee price from distributor

The coffee price depends on many factors such as: Balance of supply and demand; weather and disease; reserves and speculation; monetary policy, etc. The coffee price from a distributor can fluctuate more or less from time to time. But with the desire for long-term co-operation, King Coffee always offers attractive price policies and promotions for partners.

Any coffee exporter when cooperating with King Coffee will receive full support from a team of experts in business knowledge or product information. It is and always will be a commitment for King Coffee to accompany you to develop in the potential coffee business field.


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King Coffee is the coffee distribution comapny ensure 4 factors: High quality, bringing the unique qualities of local coffee varieties; which are purchased from a famous raw material area and suitable for many forms of preparation will definitely be an “extension arm” on your business journey.