Vietnam’s leading exporting coffee brand

Vietnamese coffee is currently exported to more than 80 countries and regions. With the export market share of green coffee accounting for 14,2%, Vietnam is currently the second coffee exporter in the world. Not to mention all the Vietnamese coffee brands. But among them, King Coffee is one of the new names on the list of top Vietnamese coffee exports in our country.

1. Few things you need to know about Vietnam’s coffee exports

In our country since 1986, coffee has made a great contribution to the revenue of the agricultural industry in particular and to the entire national GDP in general. In recent years, the export value of coffee accounts for about 15% of the total export turnover of agricultural products. The proportion of coffee is always over 10% of agricultural GDP.


Although facing many challenges from climate change; competition from other crops; production costs are unstable, etc. But Vietnamese coffee still holds an important position on the world coffee map. With a market share of 14,2% in coffee exports, Vietnam ranks second in the world in terms of coffee exports.

There are many Vietnamese coffee brands reaching out to conquer the international market. Among them, there are many names that have become well-known Vietnamese coffee export brands in the world.

2. Why are more and more people consuming Vietnamese coffee?

Not only Vietnamese people but also consumers all over the world are passionate about the taste of Vietnamese coffee. Currently, Vietnamese coffee is exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Due to climatic conditions, soil, selection of varieties and care conditions, Vietnamese coffee always has a unique flavor and taste that cannot be found anywhere else.

There is a new generation of Vietnamese coffee entrepreneurs who are increasingly focusing on sustainable farming practices; modern processing techniques to improve the quality of coffee beans. Thanks to that, Vietnamese coffee “conquers” even the most “fastidious” markets and has the opportunity to reach a large number of consumers around the world.

Vietnam coffee are also extremely diverse from roasted and ground coffee; instant coffee; canned instant coffee to-go, etc. Each product meets the coffee enjoyment needs of a different group of customers. And Vietnamese coffee “pleases” all kinds of customers in that way.

3. Vietnam’s leading export coffee brand

There are many Vietnamese coffee brands for export, but King Coffee is one of the top brands, worthy of mentioning first. King Coffee Co Founder "Le Hoang Diep Thao" is a Vietnamese coffee brand developed by TNI Company Limited and launched in 2016 in the US. Since then, King Coffee has continued to conquer major markets such as China, USA, Japan, Russia, Singapore, Korea, etc. and returned to Vietnam in 2017.


Best coffee distributor King Coffee’s production materials are selected from the most famous coffee regions of Vietnam (Buon Ma Thuot, Cau Dat, etc.) and in the world (Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Indonesia, etc.). The combination of raw materials, leading production technology in the world and exclusive production know-how has created a special delicious taste for King Coffee coffee.

King Coffee’s products are extremely diverse, meeting all the needs of the market such as:

  • Roasted coffee: Gourmet Blend, Premium Blend, Inspire Blend, etc.
  • Instant coffee: King Coffee 3in1, Coffee & Creamer, Pure Black, Espresso, etc.
  • Whole Bean - French roasted whole blend
  • Luxury coffee lines: Legacy, Weasel, Golden, Capsules, etc.

King Coffee’s products are typical of Vietnamese coffee when ensuring 4 vital factors: Bringing the unique qualities of local coffee; high quality; procurement in famous raw materials areas and suitable for many forms of preparation. King Coffee "best coffee franchise" is now present in more than 60 countries and regions around the world and fully deserves to be the leading export coffee brand in Vietnam.

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