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KING COFFEE from farm to cup

King Coffee is the result of over two decades of experience overcoming countless hardships and challenges while affirming Ms. Thao Diep Hoang Le's ambition: raise the bar for Vietnamese coffee on the world’s coffee map. King Coffee products satisfy 4 criteria: high quality, appreciating local coffee’s distinctive features, suitable multiple-preparation methods and transparently procuring from renowned raw coffee material production areas.

In 2018, TNI King Coffee implemented the evolution plan, making preparations for the opening of over 1,000 King Coffee Shops and global franchises. The planned development for King Coffee franchises included various models: Luxury, Premium, and Express, so everyone may find their favorite and establish their King status on the market. Last July, by opening the King Coffee Shop chain and announcing the plan to establish the best premium café chain in Vietnam, Trung Nguyen International revealed an important message, reassuring the next phase in the quest to conquer the Vietnamese market.