Why do so many people love Vietnamese iced coffee?

Vietnamese iced coffee is not just a familiar or ordinary drink. It has become the Vietnamese coffee culture, which is inseparable. For the Vietnamese who live abroad, enjoying a cup of Vietnamese coffee is enough to warm their hearts. Let the coffee taste reminiscent of the ancestral homeland, the highland with fragrant coffee fields.


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Vietnamese coffee has a unique and unmistakable taste

Vietnamese coffee has a unique and unmistakable taste

1. Why do Vietnamese people love coffee?

Vietnamese iced coffee is a familiar drink that can boost up your morning. Have you ever wondered why Vietnamese people love coffee so much? Is it because Vietnam is one of the major coffee-growing countries in the world? Or because coffee has its own culture, expressing the soul of Vietnamese people?

Whether speaking deeply or simply, coffee appears, attached to regular daily life. An iced coffee wakes us up to start a new working day. The stimulating aroma combined with a moderate amount of caffeine makes your mental comfortable and refreshing.

If the new day starts without a cup of coffee, the feeling of missing something familiar. Craving the bitter taste at the tip of the tongue, the aroma of almonds, and the earthy smell spreading in every drop of coffee.

Coffee has become a favorite drink of Vietnamese people since it has been nourishing for many generations. Honor our country to become one of the major coffee-exporting countries in the world. The place to create a different coffee flavor, the very own coffee flavor of Vietnam.

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2. The weather

There is nowhere to enjoy great iced coffee like in Vietnam. Perhaps the coffee tree is familiar with the soil and climatic conditions of Vietnam. Take advantage of the element of heaven and earth, and the care of growers to crystallize quality coffee beans. To give birth to eccentric Vietnamese iced coffees.

Coffee grown in Vietnam is mainly Robusta coffee, familiarly known as Voi coffee. A coffee with a less sour taste, more bitterness, and a stimulating feeling when drinking. Completely different from Arabica coffee grown abroad, mixed between bitter and sour tastes.

Thanks to the favorable weather in Vietnam, Robusta coffee is bold and outstanding. Enjoying coffee with sugar or milk gives you a pleasant feeling. With just enough bitterness, combined with the sweetness of sugar or milk will be suitable for Vietnamese coffee culture.

Vietnamese coffee has a unique and unmistakable taste

Vietnamese coffee culture has become a unique coffee-drinking culture

3. Easy-peasy to make 

Vietnamese iced coffee has become a familiar drink appearing in every corner of the world. This drink is extremely easy to make, you just have to mix coffee with sugar to enjoy. Or you can completely use coffee mixed with milk to have a sweeter taste.

Coffee has become a very special cultural feature of the Vietnamese people. It’s not like foreigners who enjoy coffee for a while to stay awake. Vietnamese coffee culture includes both sipping and contemplation. Coffee drinkers can sit down and chit-chat with friends, drink coffee and read the newspapers. A delicious cup of coffee with reflection on people and life.

The taste of Vietnamese coffee is interference between the smell of earth, almonds, and the bitter and aromatic taste. Each type of coffee will bring a unique feeling according to each taste. However, after that, something very lifelike was the hard work and the farmer's hardships.

Vietnamese coffee has many different processing formulas

If the Northerners enjoy drinking filtered coffee, the Southerners prefer milk coffee. The Northerners like the feeling of sitting and waiting for each drop of coffee to fall gently to the bottom of the cup. You can mix with a little milk or sugar to serve hot depending on each person’s preference.

The Southerners like to drink greasy coffee with milk mixture. The culture of drinking coffee with milk has become one of the beautiful cultures of Saigon. Anyone who comes to Vietnam is nostalgic for the coffee culture and the beauty of the human soul.

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The very simple reasons have made Vietnamese iced coffee become part of the culture. So that the expatriates, no matter how far they go, cannot forget their motherland. Where we can enjoy coffee with our loved ones.

Coffee silently develops through each generation and forms a special culture. TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. hopes that its contribution will bring Vietnamese coffee to the world. So that anyone can better understand the Vietnamese people and the special culture called coffee.