Vietnamese Coffee Filter: A Magic Coffee Making Tool

With traditional Vietnamese coffee, the Vietnamese coffee filter is the factor that helps the drink have a unique taste. When the filter completes extracting the flavor, you can only feel the essence of the drink. Let's learn about this magic tool with us!

Vietnamese coffee filters comprise parts: filter, cap, bottom filter, and lid.

1. What is a Vietnamese coffee filter?

1.1 Historical Background

The Vietnamese coffee filter appeared in Vietnam in the 19th century. At the same time, coffee trees were introduced to our country by the French. Over time, from a simple coffee extraction tool, the filter has become a symbol in the culture of enjoying coffee in Vietnam. The image of a coffee cup with a filter placed on it not only travels around the nation but also follows Vietnamese people to many countries from walks of life.

About the birth of the Vietnamese coffee filter, there is a theory that the oldest coffee filter was born in the 70s of the 17th century in South India. This filter is a Madras Coffee Filter that has many similarities with Vietnamese coffee filters at present.

1.2 Structure of Vietnamese coffee filter

Vietnamese coffee filters comprise parts: filter, cap, bottom filter, and lid. Coffee filters are made from many materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, and plastic. A good filter has the following elements:

  • The number of holes in the filter and the bottom filter should be equal and dispersed.
  • The size of the filter holes must be compatible with the size of the coffee beans after grinding.
  • The filter can extract about 55-60 drops of coffee per minute.
  • The lid must be tight to keep the heat.
  • The hole in the lid is evenly distributed, has a thicker density than the hole in the body, and the bottom filter allows water to penetrate the coffee better.

1.3 Types of coffee filters

Currently, on the market, there are many types of coffee filters from different materials, namely:

Stainless steel coffee filters.

  • Ceramic/porcelain coffee filter: Ceramic/porcelain coffee filter has a beautiful design. But because of its low convenience, it is not popular with users. Besides, the hole of the ceramic/porcelain coffee filter is large, so coffee extraction is not good.
  • Stainless steel coffee filter: The stainless-steel coffee filter has the advantage of a unique lid design. You can adjust the pressure when making coffee more accurately with a knob mounted in the middle of the filter. It will give the coffee the right amount of space to expand without breaking the lid.
  • Aluminum coffee filter: Aluminum coffee filters are also popular with many people thanks to their excellent temperature control that helps to extract the coffee flavor more effectively.

Besides, the aluminum filter is cheap, so it is used a lot by coffee shops. One drawback of aluminum coffee filters is that there is no screw design on the lid. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the amount of coffee in the filter to avoid overflow.

2. The Phin filter VS French Press? Which one is the best?

Who is filter coffee suitable for? Coffee powder in the Phin filter is not mixed with impurities that reduce the taste of coffee. In addition, the person who directly prepares the coffee filter must be experienced. Thus, it is possible to control the amount of coffee, the amount of water, and the water temperature so that it is suitable to bring a delicious, concentrated cup of coffee.

The French Press has a complicated background. It was created by the French and perfected by the Italians, but the patent belongs to the Swiss. This iconic Vietnamese coffee filter is centuries old. The design of the French Press is simple, including two crucial details: the container (usually made of glass) and the lid of the coffee filter made of wire mesh.

French Press coffee is brewed directly from an espresso machine possessing a compact and beautiful design. Not only that, but it is also automatically set to the boiler pressure, water temperature, and coffee content so that the coffee after being brewed is always guaranteed in terms of quality.

Using a French Press coffee machine saves preparation time and ensures large quantities of coffee are served in a quicker time. With a professional French Press coffee machine, it can meet from 100 to 300 cups of coffee in one hour.

French Press possesses a large capacity, and fast preparation time and ensures the uniformity of the coffee's flavor, making it the perfect choice when used in cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, companies, or even in families. Especially now, some takeaway cafes also choose French Press coffee machines to serve their customers.

3. How to use the Phin filter?

The coffee filter is one of those tools that are simple to use. Put the coffee powder in 1/3 full of the filter. Next, pour boiling water into the coffee surface and let it sit for about 10 minutes for the coffee to absorb the water and bloom evenly.

How to use the Phin filter?

Then, gently press the lid down, fill the filter with boiling water, and wait to enjoy the quintessential coffee drops. Note that you should rinse the filter through boiling water before use. This action not only helps disinfect and clean but also heats the filter, helping the filter keep heat longer.

4. Where to buy Vietnamese coffee filters in the US?

4.1 King Coffee Store

TNI Corporation mainly operates in the production, sales, and export of roasted, ground coffee , and instant coffee in domestic and international markets. The main product of TNI Corporation is King Coffee. After King Coffee launched in the world market at the end of 2016 in the US, it quickly appeared in many other countries such as China, Russia, Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Netherlands, Singapore, and Thailand.

With a powerful distribution system throughout the country and the world, now King Coffee products have covered 64 provinces and cities nationwide and are present in over 120 countries and territories worldwide. King Coffee has received the praise of experts and the love and trust of consumers, affirming the brand's position in the coffee market.

Vietnam coffee brand

Besides familiar coffee products, in 2021, TNI King Coffee also researched, produced, developed, and launched a variety of new products such as coffee filters. These products are promised to make many marks in the future.


4.2.1 Brand Thang Long (Best Seller on Amazon)

Appearing on the market after 12 years of diligent research, the gilded porcelain coffee filter is Thang Long's attempt to preserve the original delicious taste of the coffee cup while spreading the special coffee experience. Thang Long's coffee filter affirms the class of coffee connoisseurs right from the first use.

4.2.2 Brand Gladiator Coffee

For coffee connoisseurs, this magical drink only keeps its original flavor and awakens the senses when brewed with a filter. Understanding this psychology, Brand Gladiator has used a familiar material, which is rudimentary clay, going through the processes of molding, decoration, etc. to create a technically perfect gilded porcelain coffee filter.

The meticulousness and thoughtfulness in each stage have helped the gilded porcelain coffee filter not only preserve the essence of the coffee cup, and raise the taste of coffee but also make a difference and impression like the heart.

4.2.3 AMT SUPPLY LLC Store

AMT SUPPLY LLC coffee filter set is not fussy, and stylish but has the characteristics of rustic, luxurious, and hard to confuse with any product. From the coffee cap to the coffee stopper, the coffee filter, the coffee tray, and the coffee cup, they are all harmoniously combined with the delicate and luxurious earthy brown color.

4.3 Nguyen Coffee Supply

Not only preserving the full taste and richness of Vietnamese filter coffee and ensuring health safety, but the Nguyen Coffee Supply coffee filter also has precise dimensions to every detail so that the coffee flows evenly, without foaming or overflowing like many other types of filters.

Using the Nguyen Coffee Supply porcelain coffee filter, we are rewarding ourselves with relaxing moments when sitting and watching the small drops of coffee drip. Then add a little white sugar, and a little fragrant condensed milk. So that when the last drops melt, we will be mesmerized by this passionate fragrance that has not been found for a long time when using other filters.

In particular, the filter is made from high-quality porcelain, fired at high temperature, and completely free from alkali or acid, helping to keep the quality and taste of coffee and keep it hot for longer. Not only perfect in quality, but the Nguyen Coffee Supply coffee filter also convinces coffee connoisseurs, even the most fastidious people with its luxurious and beautiful design.

vietnam coffee export

5. Conclusion

You can easily find Vietnamese coffee filters at major supermarkets and kitchen supply stores. At stores specializing in the supply of ingredients and preparation tools, you can choose from a variety of coffee filters with sizes and prices suitable. Now, you know about the origin, popular types of coffee filters, and how to use them properly. If you already have a filter at home, try your hand at making coffee, enjoy focusing your mind, and replenish energy.