The best Vietnamese coffees you should try

Vietnam is considered the coffee “capital” of the world. Vietnam also possesses a “unique” coffee culture with traditional brewing methods; specialty coffees and special qualities of local coffee. And these are the best Vietnam coffees everyone should try at least once in their life.

  1. Black Coffee

Black coffee is pure coffee, with no added milk, sugar, cream or any other ingredients. Thanks to that, the enjoyer feels the full flavor of the original coffee. Many people describe the characteristics of black coffee in just four words: Black - thick - bold - bitter. But in reality, each cup of black coffee leads you on a journey to discover many different layers of flavors.

 Vietnamese iced black coffee

At first, black coffee has the most characteristic bitter taste among Vietnamese coffees. Then the taste is sour, slightly acrid. Finally, the sweet aftertaste lingers on the palate and the fragrance lingers in the mind all day. The taste of black coffee is compared to the taste of life. There is bitterness and there is sweetness and love.

  1. Iced coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee brings refreshment to people who enjoy it with cool, pure ice. In the hot weather of the Northern summer or the humidity of the South, just having a cup of coffee is enough to keep you awake.

 Vietnamese iced coffee

Iced coffee is known for many different “versions”, depending on the method and recipe. I have met iced black coffee; milk coffee; brown iced coffee; ice blended coffee, etc. In each cup of iced coffee, the bartender can add different ingredients such as sugar, cream, milk, etc. But pure ice is an ingredient that cannot be ignored.

  1. Vietnamese weasel coffee

Currently, there are only 4 countries in the world that can produce weasel coffee. Fortunately, that includes Vietnam. This unique Vietnamese coffee is appreciated for both taste and aroma.

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 Vietnamese weasel coffee

Weasel coffee uses coffee beans that are eaten by ferrets, which cannot be digested and discharged as whole. Digestive enzymes in the ferret’s stomach seep through the coat of the coffee bean; breakdown protein structures; reducing the caffeine content should reduce the bitterness of the seeds. Weasel coffee is considered the most expensive and “luxurious” coffee in the world because of its distinctive taste.

Vietnamese weasel coffee takes you on a journey to discover many different flavors. It is the aroma of coffee mixed with ripe fruit flavor; The scent of nectar blends with the aroma of chocolate. The bitter taste of coffee blends with the sourness of fruit, which is extremely mild.

  1. Vietnamese coffee filter 

Filtered coffee is typical and is considered a symbol of Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coffee filter is made with aluminum filter, stainless steel filter or ceramic filter. However, aluminum filter is still considered the number one choice because of its good heat conductivity, giving the most perfect coffee flavor.

A coffee filter also includes a filter (phin) (like a cup with many micro-holes in the bottom); the compression device is placed in the filter cavity; The lid and filter tray are located on the bottom of the filter. When brewing, the filter is placed on the cup’s mouth. Roasted ground coffee powder when soaked in water produces drops of pure coffee that flows down the bottom of the cup. Filtered coffee can be enjoyed either with milk, sugar, ice, cream, etc., depending on the user’s taste.

  1. Robusta coffee

Robusta is one of the oldest and most popular types of coffee and Vietnam is currently the country with the largest Robusta coffee production in the world. Vietnamese Robusta coffee is grown most in Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Gia Lai, Lam Dong.

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Robusta coffee has a high caffeine content, so the bitter taste is outstanding, providing a long-lasting sense of vigilance. Robusta also has a bold, less acidic taste. When unroasted, it smells like fresh peanuts. When roasted, it smells like oats lingering fragrant.

 Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee has “all shapes and sizes”, but the common characteristic is always to meet 4 criteria: High quality; bring the uniqueness of local coffee varieties; transparently procured from well-known areas of raw materials and suitable for many forms of preparation. Explore each of the best coffees to understand more about Vietnamese coffee culture!

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