Black coffee - A special taste of Vietnamese people

Black coffee is one of the most familiar and popular drinks in Vietnam.

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Learn more about Black Coffee in the article below, you will surely love this drink even more.

  1. What is black coffee?

You can find black coffee anywhere, in luxury restaurants or popular sidewalk shops, from offices to high-end hotels, or convenience stores on the roadside, etc. Stepping into a coffee shop, if there is no black coffee on the menu, it must not be a real coffee shop, and it is unlikely that this place has been crowded.

Coffee lovers often seek to fully enjoy the original coffee flavor. That’s why black coffee was born, with a method of preparation that could not be simpler: Only roasted coffee and pure hot water to filter out the rich and attractive coffee drops.

A true black coffee is a cup of pure coffee, without adding milk, cream, or other additives that affect the taste of the coffee.

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Vietnamese people often make black coffee with simple aluminum filters, from which the coffee flows into a glass or porcelain cup while waiting for the peacefulness of the coffee lovers. With the introduction of foreign coffee culture, we know black coffee with many different brewing methods and names such as Espresso, Americano, or Classic coffee.

  1. Features of black coffee

With an abundant supply of domestic coffee and simple brewing, the price of black coffee is reasonable and affordable for all classes of Vietnamese people.

Black coffee can be enjoyed hot or with ice added to each person’s preference. There are tastes to enjoy black coffee that has become a culture, or become a familiar dialect in Vietnamese life, found in many poetic and literary works such as “Den Da Khong Duong”. Because coffee with ice is very suitable to enjoy in the hot and humid tropical climate of Vietnam.

Not only has the advantage in terms of enjoyment, but black coffee also brings a lot of health benefits if consumed regularly and scientifically.

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Supports memory enhancement

Drinking black coffee in the morning can help stimulate and enhance the function of the brain, helping the brain and nerves to work more actively and effectively thereby enhancing memory, and helping to be more alert when entering work.

Improve the effectiveness of sports training

Before training, if you consume a little black coffee, it can increase heart rate and adrenaline in the blood to boost the training process to be more enthusiastic and exciting.

Reduce liver enzymes and prevent liver diseases

However, you should not overdo this, because too much black coffee will overload the liver, and affect many other functions in the body.

Body purification

Pure clean coffee makes the body feel like peeing more, so toxins and bacteria will be eliminated easier and more through the process of urination.

Weight loss

Black coffee has active ingredients that boost metabolism faster, and more efficiently, and stimulate the burning of excess fat.

Good for your heart

Regular consumption of black coffee with a proper amount helps you reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases including stroke, and enhances anti-inflammatory ability. Black coffee also contains many antioxidants and some vitamins that are beneficial to the body.

Improve mental and emotional health

Black coffee can stimulate the central nervous system, increase the rate of production of dopamine, serotonin, etc., and important neurotransmitters that help you improve your mood, think positively, and be happier.

  1. Things to note when enjoying black coffee

Favorite drinks also come with special features, and interesting notes when enjoying that you should know for the most complete experience.

- Black coffee is brewed with a stainless steel filter, with a tight lid that will help the coffee taste better.

- When making coffee, use hot boiling water to rinse the coffee filter evenly so that the coffee blooms evenly, making the coffee stronger.

- Put a reasonable amount of coffee powder into the filter about ⅓ of the filter, the remaining ⅔ should be for water.

- Delicious black coffee only brewed once, do not use used powder/coffee grounds to re-mix. At this point, the coffee grounds are very pale and almost no longer have the same rich and delicious flavor as the original.

- Do not drink coffee for a few hours before bedtime to avoid sleep disturbances, or cause stress, or anxiety due to overstimulation of the brain.

- Drink black coffee with appropriate amountamount, should not drink too much to avoid increased acidity in the stomach as well as symptoms of difficulty absorbing minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc.

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Hopefully, with the above information, you have gained more useful experiences for yourself as well as increased your love for coffee.

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