Overview of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is not the homeland of coffee, but it is a bright spot on the world coffee map. Although it has only followed the French to Vietnam since 1880, until now, Vietnam coffee has formed a very unique culture. With the unique qualities of local coffee “to long for” anyone who has just tasted it for the first time.

  1. Vietnamese coffee culture

From the 1880s, coffee followed the French to Vietnam and then cultivated to serve the nobility. Since 1920, coffee has been widely grown in Kon Tum and gradually grown in popularity in localities with suitable soil and climate conditions.

Vietnamese coffee culture

It has been nearly 150 years that coffee has been present in Vietnamese life - a long enough time to form a Vietnamese coffee culture. Vietnamese coffee culture is first of all street coffee culture, sidewalk coffee. There, coffee becomes “eternal” like the sour - bitter - salty - sweet taste of life.

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Filter coffee is considered the symbol of Vietnamese coffee. Filtration is the oldest and most popular form of coffee preparation in our country. Filtered coffee not only conquers those who are “addicted” and connoisseurs of coffee, but also makes many coffee lovers around the world fall in love with “passion”.

Vietnamese coffee culture has its own distinct regional culture. If the Southern people like the refreshing iced milk coffee, which is sweet and sour, the Northern people prefer the taste of black - solid - bold - bitter coffee.

And an extremely interesting thing, Vietnamese coffee culture is traditional coffee, specialty coffee but also “integrated” coffee. Blending with the modern flow, machine-made coffee, takeaway coffee, etc. were also introduced and gradually popularized. Young customers with little time; prefer “lighter” coffee; always want to discover new brewing methods and coffee enjoyment trends. Vietnamese coffee culture is therefore more colorful.

  1. Vietnamese iced coffee recipe

Referring to Vietnamese coffee, many people will immediately think of iced coffee. In the world today, there are 5 most typical iced coffee recipes including: Mazagran; Cold brew; Milkshake; Greek Frappé and Vietnamese iced coffee. It is a pity if you love Vietnamese coffee but have no clue of the recipe for Vietnamese-style coffee.

This typical Vietnamese coffee drink consists of pure black coffee mixed with small amounts of sugar or sweetened condensed milk and ice cubes. Coffee must be brewed with a filter. Enjoyers wait for each drop of coffee to be poured into a glass with milk or sugar available. When enjoying, stir well and pour into a glass of ice. It is as simple as that, but many Vietnamese people just love iced coffee; There are many foreigners who got to try it once, they will never forget.

  1. Vietnamese filter coffee

Filtered coffee is a symbol of Vietnamese coffee culture. Vietnamese filter coffee is made with a filter. Phin is a coffee maker shaped like a cup. At the bottom of the filter, there are many micro-holes so that the coffee powder does not get under. There is a compression device placed in the filter cavity; a filter tray placed on the bottom of the filter and a lid to keep the heat.

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 Vietnamese coffee

Coffee filters can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or ceramic. But the aluminum filter with the best heat transfer capacity will produce hot and fragrant coffee cups after brewing. Coffee is compressed, hot water is added to the right amount, small drops of coffee are dripped down the cup. When the coffee water in the filter has run out, you just need to remove the filter to enjoy.

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Vietnamese coffee is rustic but respects the unique qualities of local coffee. The recipes seem to be simple but bring unforgettable flavor. All contribute to the formation of Vietnam’s very own coffee culture on the world coffee map.

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