How to make a perfect cup of coffee Arabica or Robusta?

More than 100 species of coffee in the world can be typed into two groups: Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is the first species of coffee to have been cultivated by humans and it is still the dominant kind of coffee,  representing about 60% of global production. In this article, let's talk about why coffee Arabica is popular around the world.

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Coffee Arabica is one of the most popular drink in the world
Coffee Arabica is one of the most popular drink in the world

1. What is Arabica coffee?

Arabica is the most popular kind of coffee on this planet, 60% or more of coffee production in the world is made from coffee Arabica. Arabica coffee originated in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia, East Africa. This coffee Arabica was named because of the place where it gained popularity. In the 7th century, the coffee beans were traded from Ethiopia through the Red Sea to lower Arabia. In the Arabian Peninsula, coffee beans were processed and it became one of the greatest beverages in history. This drink spread from the Arabian Peninsula to the whole world.

2. Distinguishing coffee Arabica and coffee Robusta

Coffee Arabica

Arabica coffee, known as tea coffee, is the most popular coffee in the world, accounting for more than 60% of the world's total annual coffee production. Arabica consists of the two most popular strains, Moka and Catimor, in which people drink more Moka than Catimor. The biological characteristics of Arabica are temperate climates with a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius and an altitude of over 1000m, and moderate humidity. They are commonly grown in the regions of South America and East Africa. Brazil is not only famous for football, samba and festivals, Brazil is also the largest producer of coffee Arabica on the Earth. Arabica coffee beans have an oval shape, each fruit has two kernels that are also oval in shape, larger than the beans of Robusta coffee. Some deformed fruits have only a single kernel. 

Coffee Robusta

Robusta coffee is the second most planted coffee in the world, after Arabica coffee. Robusta is suitable for cultivation in tropical climates with temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius and altitudes below 1000m. Robusta coffee is grown mainly in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and West Africa. In Vietnam, up to 90% of coffee production comes from Robusta coffee, helping Vietnam to lead the export coffee market in the world. Robusta coffee in Viet Nam is grown mostly in the Central Highlands. Robusta coffee beans are round, each of which consists of two coffee beans that are also round and bright yellow-brown.

Shapes of Arabica beans and Robusta beans are different
Shapes of Arabica beans and Robusta beans are different

Taste of coffee Arabica and Robusta

When comparing Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee, people's ideas are very different, but the best choice is a combination of both coffee beans.. Arabica coffee has a pure gentle aroma and a mildly bitter taste because the caffeine content in Arabica beans is only 1-2%. Robusta is bitter, a little sour, and these coffee beans have a stronger aroma than coffee Arabica because the caffeine content in Robusta beans is from 2 to 4 percent. If you want to make the perfect taste for your coffee cup, you should combine both types of coffee together in certain proportions. Many people who make Espresso coffee know the recipe 9 Arabica: 1 Robusta.

3. Which products contain coffee Arabica from King Coffee?

King Coffee is one of the most successful Vietnam coffee brands. King Coffee has many products that contain Arabica coffee from Vietnam. Let’s try some products from King Coffee containing coffee Arabica.

Coffee Arabica of King Coffee is selected from famed growing regions like Da Lat (Viet Nam), Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Ethiopia. 

Da Lat coffee has a characteristic strong, medium-sour, and mildly bitter aroma.

Brazilian coffee has a passionate aroma and great sweetness.

Colombia coffee has a delicate aroma, moderate acidity, and bitter aftertaste.

Guatemala coffee has a delicate and varied flavor with a hint of chocolate bitterness, a bit of floral and citrus flavor.

Ethiopia coffee has a sweet, sour and bitter aftertaste, a light aroma of herbs, fruits, spices.

These Arabica coffee beans are mixed with Robusta coffee beans from Buon Ma Thuot to create the perfect combination.

Breakfast Blend

This product is made with premium Arabica coffee beans from famous coffee-growing regions like Brazil, Guatemala, Da Lat, and premium Vietnamese Robusta beans. The experts roast arabica coffee bean to bring out the sweet and bitter taste and aroma. Breakfast Blend lightly has the sour taste of citrus, and awakens your spirit every day.


King Coffee makes this product with a traditional espresso method. Premium coffee Arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Da Lat, and Robusta coffee beans are meticulously roasted to create a distinctive Italian espresso flavor with a classic caramel aroma.


Signature King Coffee is created from the finest selected Arabica beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Da Lat, and the finest Vietnamese Robusta beans. Coffee beans are medium-roasted to deliver an unparalleled complex aroma, medium-bodied texture, and bitter-sweet taste.

Gourmet Blend

Gourmet Blend is the perfect combination of 4 types of coffee Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor with a strong and rich flavor. This product awakens the hidden power within yourself and arouses your passion. 

Inspire Blend

This product is made from premium coffee beans of 4 types of coffee Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor. Inspire Blend has a long-lasting fragrance and a harmonious taste that sets you apart and makes you ready to express yourself.

Premium Blend

Premium Blend is created from a special passion for coffee lovers with the beans from fertile lands in the world. Premium Blend has a mild sour taste and long aroma, brings you creative, breakthrough moments, and helps you succeed in life.

Premium Blend is one of the best product of King Coffee
Premium Blend is one of the best product of King Coffee

Expert Blend

Expert Blend is made from premium coffee beans combined with King Coffee's unique roasting and blending know-how to create a coffee with a distinctively appealing flavor. Expert Blend has a very rich, strong, and aromatic flavor thanks to the characteristics of selected Robusta coffee from Vietnam and Arabica from around the world. It is perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee with a unique taste. This product will help you to have more ideas and thoughts in life.


Weasel King Coffee is made from the best Arabica coffee beans undergoing a miraculous transformation inside the stomachs of wild weasel species and modern super-sterilization technology. Weasel coffee is created based on the spirit of dedication, contributing to enriching the sublime intellectual life of mankind. Weasel Coffee of King Coffee is made with 9 stages to create one of the most unique coffee.

To fully feel the distinct flavor hidden deep inside Weasel King Coffee, you need to drink a cup of coffee in a peaceful space. The sound of the jungle emerges and explodes in a strong cup of coffee, passionately seductive and elegant, awakening the soul, and sublimating the intellect to create great successes for people.


Legacy King Coffee is made from a meticulous and rigorous process of selecting each bean. Coffee beans are combined with Enzyme 24 bio-fermentation technology, which stimulates the digestive system of wild ferrets to create coffee beans that are fermented. King Coffee brings to you the perfect cup of coffee with a gentle aroma and mellow bitterness mixed with a bit of natural ethereal sweetness.

Taking a cup of Legacy King Coffee, you are inspired by those endless passions, helping you to arouse and realize your high-class ideas in life.


Golden King Coffee is dedicated to rewarding pioneers who are different with high ideals of living, pursuing their passions, and creating values ​​for society. Golden King Coffee is made from 7 types of best coffee beans from 7 famous coffee-growing regions in the world: Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia, Indonesia, Da Lat, and Buon Ma Thuot.

Golden King Coffee has a little passionate aroma of Arabica coffee beans, the original mild sour and sweet taste of ripe coffee beans that are harvested, an elegant bitter note, and a smooth aftertaste created from the unique roasting method.

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Besides products of instant coffee, King Coffee also has a product line of canned coffee. You can enjoy the strong-flavor coffee in a minute. One of the most special products of King Coffee is Vietnamese milk iced coffee. This is the featured way to enjoy coffee in Vietnam, you will have an experience you've never had.

Coffee Arabica from Vietnam and other coffee-growing regions is the main material to create quality products for King Coffee. The great combination of Arabica and Robusta makes King Coffee become really special. If you want to drink a perfect cup of coffee, let’s try King Coffee products to enjoy your life.

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