How to make a delicious cup of espresso coffee

Espresso has long been one of the most popular ways of making coffee. Espresso coffee is loved and used by many people because of its convenience. To get a delicious cup of espresso every morning, you need to know how to choose the right coffee brand. In this article, let’s find out how to make a delicious cup of espresso coffee.

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How to make a delicious cup of espresso coffee?
How to make a delicious cup of espresso coffee?

1. Characteristics of espresso coffee

What is Espresso?

Espresso is the name for a method of making coffee in a very short time, by putting a moderate amount of (finely ground) coffee into a filter-like device. Then, under the high pressure of the coffee machine along with hot water (with the right temperature) passing through a filter device containing coffee powder, espresso will be produced. Perhaps because of this, later espresso was mostly understood as a type of coffee more than a method of preparing coffee.

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Origin and development of espresso

Espresso originated in Italy, it appeared in the 1930s and is popular in bars in Italy. After that, it was quickly spread to Spain, then gradually popularized in England from 1950 and the audience at that time was the young people. In the US, espresso is served with syrup to enhance the flavor of the drink. To this day, espresso has been very popular in Asian countries and the Middle East when a series of European-style coffee chains appeared with many famous drinks such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato, etc.

Ingredients of espresso

If you notice, espresso has two layers: the crema layer and the liquid layer. 

The crema layer is the film on the surface of the coffee and has a yellowish brown color that creates iridescence for the drink. This is the foam layer created from CO2 gas along with some essences and oils inherent in the beans. the coffee. Therefore, the crema layer has a rather bitter taste.

The Liquid layer is the coffee water below, creating the main flavor for espresso.

2. How to make an Espresso?

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If you know the basic principles, you can make the right espresso, even exploiting the inherent flavor and taste of coffee beans when enjoying. Here are 4 principles that you need to refer to.

4 principles to making Espresso

Mixing espresso (miscela)

Blending between types of coffee will create a unique flavor for espresso. Some of the coffee used can be produced from Brazil, Vietnam, or Ethiopia.

Roasting espresso (mano)

To bring out the inherent aroma and taste of coffee beans, you need to roast the coffee at the right temperature. This will help to optimally exploit the sour and bitter taste in the coffee beans.

Grinding espresso (macinazione)

The process of grinding coffee beans needs to happen quickly so as not to degrade the flavor of the coffee when exposed to the air. Average coffee grinding time ranges from 23 - 28 seconds and people often use Burr-style grinders to grind espresso.

Making espresso (macchina)

In the espresso step, you need to follow the correct sequence of steps on the machine to get the best quality espresso. First, you put the coffee powder into the portafilter, then use the tool to compress it with moderate force.

Next, press the hot water release button on the machine for about 5 seconds to stabilize the water temperature. After that, you just attach the portafilter to the top of the machine and press the hot water discharge button. At this point, you quickly take the cup and place it under the spout of the filter to catch the espresso flowing down.

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It can be said that espresso is the base coffee to create many attractive coffees such as latte, macchiato, cappuccino, ... and the most popular americano today.

There are 4 principles to make a cup of Espresso coffee
There are 4 principles to make a cup of Espresso coffee

Details on how to brew espresso coffee

With the above 4 principles, now you can make espresso coffee easily with the following suggestions:


Usually, many people use Arabica coffee beans to make a cup of espresso. Experienced bartenders often use a blend of Arabica coffee and Robusta coffee.


If you don't have pre-ground coffee powder, you need a coffee grinder. You should remember that a coffee machine is an indispensable tool for making espresso. In addition, some other equipment such as cups, spoons, dry towels, etc.


Depending on your recipe, espresso has a specific flavor according to your taste and desire. Many espresso baristas have the following standard measurements:

You should take 7g of coffee powder for a cup of espresso coffee.

Water boils at a temperature of 88 - 92 degrees Celsius.

It takes about 25 seconds for boiling water to flow through the coffee powder.

The resulting espresso capacity is about 25ml.

The temperature of the coffee in the cup ranges from 64 - 70 degrees Celsius.

The recommended caffeine content is about 40 mg for a cup, and the fat content is about 2 mg in 1 ml.


Step 1: Firstly, you must clean the portafilter before adding the coffee powder. Then, you use a compression tool (called a tamper) with moderate force to compress the coffee.

Step 2: After that, you press the hot water drain button on the machine to stabilize the water temperature. Next, you attach the portafilter containing the coffee powder to the outlet of the hot water.

Step 3: In the last step, you take the cup and place it under the faucet of the portafilter, and then press the hot water release button. At this point, hot water will flow through the coffee powder, and then the coffee water will begin to flow down the bottom cup through the spout of the portafilter.

At first, the coffee will be black then turn light brown and stop. That's it, you've finished a cup of espresso coffee.

Notes when making espresso

In the process of making espresso coffee, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Only grind coffee beans when needed, to avoid the coffee smell.
  • The fineness of the coffee powder will also affect the espresso flavor, because too fine will make boiling water easy to penetrate and make the coffee not have enough inherent flavor, and too coarse will make the water impermeable. and creates a light coffee taste.
  • The amount of coffee powder used is about 7g, up to 10g.
  • Water pressure should reach about 9 bars.
  • Water temperatures from 88 to 92 degrees Celsius, can be up to 95 degrees Celsius.
  • Use moderate tempering pressure (from 15 - 20kg) to help the coffee powder stick together and facilitate boiling water to penetrate at the highest possible speed.
  • The espresso extraction time is between 25 - 30 seconds.
  • The amount of espresso obtained is about 25 - 30ml.

3. Use instant espresso coffee to save your time

In today's modern life, enjoying a delicious cup of espresso will take your time. Traditional brewing requires a lot of experience, but that's not all. You must have a coffee machine, and you must understand how to use it. To enjoy a delicious cup of espresso coffee, you can use instant espresso coffee, which will save you a lot of time. It is important now that you choose a quality coffee brand, especially espresso coffee. King Coffee is a coffee brand established in Vietnam, which can bring to you new flavors for espresso coffee.

4. Why should you choose King Coffee's Espresso instant coffee?

Fast and convenient

King Coffee Espresso is very convenient, you just need to brew a coffee packet with 60ml of hot water (from 80 to 100 degrees Celsius). In the next step, you can add as much sugar or milk as you like. Finally, you have a great cup of Espresso coffee.

Round taste - bold flavor from 100% Arabica coffee beans

King Coffee Espresso is made from coffee beans from the red land of the Central Highlands in Vietnam. Arabica coffee beans are carefully selected so that the cup of coffee has both a gentle aroma and a balance between bitterness and sourness. King Coffee gives you a full-flavor cup of Espresso coffee.

The price of King Coffee is suitable for everyone

King Coffee Espresso is very affordable.  A box of 100 packs costs only VND 15 USD, which means there is only 0.15 USD for a pack. You only have to spend  0.15 USD to enjoy a perfect cup of espresso coffee every day.

King Coffee Espresso has the perfect tasteKing Coffee Espresso has the perfect taste

King Coffee Espresso has great taste, a cup of King Coffee Espresso is the best beginning for a new day. King Coffee has a lot of products besides Espresso. You can try Espresso and many styles of coffee.

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