How much does a Vietnamese franchise coffee cost?

In recent years, franchising coffee business has become more and more popular. By spending a fee, the owner can do business under the name of a brand that has a certain foothold in the market. As a result, the easier starting the business and more convenient, the higher the success rate will be. So how much does a coffee franchise in Vietnam cost?

  1. Great opportunity for coffee franchise business in Vietnam

Franchising is increasingly popular in the F&B sector and the coffee sector is no exception. Franchise coffee shop business has many advantages such as:

  • Is not time-wasting and effortless to build a brand.
  • Drink menu and standard recipes selected through actual customer experience.
  • Operating the shop according to a professional process has been applied in practice and proven effective.
  • Provided with complete support from the franchise brand: Shop set-up; source of raw materials; equipment; marketing strategy; operational training, etc.
  • Reduce risk, capital recover quickly.

Coffee franchise business in Vietnam at the moment is a great opportunity. According to statistics, the average coffee consumption per person in Vietnam has increased by about 5 times compared to 7 years ago. The demand for coffee will certainly increase in the coming years. Coffee business is a promising business field with a lot of potential.

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Vietnam is now also the “capital” of coffee with the second largest export volume in the world. It is not difficult for a coffee shop owner to find a supplier of standard ingredients to serve their business.

Managing a coffee business is not as complicated as other industries. Even those who have no experience in the market can try the franchise coffee business model in Vietnam.

  1. Vietnamese franchising coffee cost

Not all coffee brands open up opportunities for franchise business cooperation. From the “big guys” in the industry to small brands in the provinces, there are always enough rooms. The cost of coffee franchising depends on many factors such as: Brand’s popularity; franchise period; franchise coffee business model and individual policies of each brand.

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Normally, the cost of franchising in Vietnam is various. Potential customers and budget are the basis for choosing the right franchise model. With King Coffee, you will always have the most suitable choice with franchised coffee shop models such as:

- KING Coffee Premium

  • Ground area about 120m²– 250m²
  • The initial franchise fee is calculated as the total cost of 5 years
  • Loyalty fee + Marketing 5% + 2% / monthly revenue

- King Coffee Grab & Go

  • Suitable for compact places such as fairs, railway stations, fork corners, intersections and serve the needs of takeaway sales.
  • Area less than 20m²
  • The initial franchise fee is calculated as the total cost of 2 years
  • Loyalty fee + Marketing 3% + 1% / monthly revenue

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In 2020 - 2021, when witnessing a series of coffee shops closing because of the pandemic, many people are apprehensive about the idea of opening a coffee shop. But “in danger there is opportunity”. When life returns to the “old normal”, the need for coffee will surely increase. This is the best time for anyone who wants to start a coffee business to explore the coffee franchise opportunity. We wish you soon to choose the right model and successful business!


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