Franchise vs Traditional coffee shop: What’s the difference?

How well do you know a coffee franchise and a traditional coffee shop? This is a tricky question asked by many young entrepreneurs who choose to run a coffee business model. Comparing these two models will help you to choose the right direction for your coffee shop thereby saving time and effort in estimating business and start-up matters.

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Franchising a coffee shop is different from the traditional model

Franchising a coffee shop is different from the traditional model

1. Features of a franchise and a traditional coffee

Coffee shop franchising is a business model where the brand owner will allow an individual or a unit to sell coffee under a proven system and framework already in place. Beverage recipes will be handed down to the coffee franchise to save time and effort in branding.

By running a traditional coffee business, you have to build your brand. All stages must be completed by yourself, including building beverage recipes, setting up the shop, implementing marketing strategies, training and staffing…

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2. Youth trends

The youngsters nowadays often choose famous brands. By enjoying branded cups of coffee, they can feel a sense of showing their social hierarchies. It is easy to encounter teenagers sitting and checking in at a luxurious place while enjoying a world-class cup of coffee.

Taking advantage of the coffee franchise opportunities can make it easier for you to attract customers. Especially loyal fans of their mother coffee brand. Maintaining a stable customer base makes it easy for your capital to return from the franchise model.

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By choosing a coffee franchise, it creates new business opportunities for young people. Besides, it also helps save time and effort as well as find a suitable business model. Create a premise to obtain more knowledge and experience in developing your coffee brand.

The youngsters tend to drink coffee at branded shops

The youngsters tend to drink coffee at branded shops

3. The current pros of coffee franchise

Coffee franchising is today’s modern business model. Many people choose this model because it has many outstanding advantages.

Low-cost coffee franchise

The initial cost of building a coffee brand is low. Helping entrepreneurs to own an actual brand. The brand is well known and creates a steady customer base for the shop.


Risk reduction

A coffee franchise model can reduce risks significantly. It is built on an existing plan, limiting building your brand from scratch. The shop can get into business immediately, without spending too much time and research effort.

Proven business process

Franchise coffee brands support recipes, business building standards. All business processes are pre-set, just put into practice. This helps you save time and effort in the coffee shop business.


The parent brand supports the coffee franchise model with promotions. The opening program and long-term communication program for the shop are supported continuously. Help the shop’s brand reach a wider range of audiences in the business area.

Reach the customers easily

You will save a lot of effort in finding customers. Under the influence of the parent brand, the source of customers on the list is always abundant. Just apply a few more strategies that can exploit the strengths of the existing customer base. 

Choose the right business location

As the mother brand’s coffee business is already experienced in choosing the location to open the shop, they will also support their sub-branch to locate suitable properties. The parent brand supports the construction and design by the general style of the coffee brand. Guaranteed to help save time in setting up a business cafe.

The youngsters tend to drink coffee at branded shops

King Coffee transfers a diversified business model

There are many coffee franchise brands available today that you can choose from. TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. deploys a variety of franchise models. The connection allows customers to do business and develop the King Coffee coffee brand.

  • King Coffee is diversified with many different business franchises. Meeting customers’ requirements in choosing the right coffee business model.
  • Support the source of ingredients and exclusive recipes, and build menus for business shops.
  • Support marketing and branding programs for the shop. Help the coffee shop reach closer customer files for more effective business.
  • Support searching for business premises, design and construct the shop according to the concept of the brand. Building a shop space to increase brand recognition according to the King Coffee system.
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Above are the differences between franchised coffee and traditional coffee shops, we hope you have more helpful information to apply to the coffee business process. If you want to franchise King Coffee, please contact us via this email: for detailed advice.