3 reasons why Robusta coffee from Vietnam is the best in the world

There are more than 100 species of coffee in the coffee world today. However, all of these species are typed to be two groups: Arabica and Robusta. However, people often think of Arabica, but few think of Robusta coffee. In this article, let's talk about why Robusta coffee from Vietnam is the best in the world.

There are more than 100 species of coffee in the coffee world today
There are more than 100 species of coffee in the coffee world today

I. 3 reasons why robusta coffee from Vietnam is the best in the world

1. Vietnam is the #1 leading producer of robusta coffee globally

Robusta is one of the two main types of coffee in the world. About 39% of coffee products are made from this coffee variety. Vietnam has favorable natural conditions, which are very suitable for growing Robusta coffee. The growth height of this tree is only in the range of 0 - 800 meters. The tropical climate of 24-29 degrees and the fertile soil of the Central Highlands in Vietnam are favorable conditions for this plant to grow.

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Robusta grows in the land of Vietnam like the resilience of the Vietnamese people. Like the name, Robusta means strong, Robusta can grow and withstand very well in Vietnam land. Robusta coffee plants are resistant to pests and diseases. When growing this type of coffee, there is no need to use many pesticides and fungicides. The taste of Robusta coffee from Vietnam is also more typical and delicious in some famous regions such as Buon Ma Thuot (Dak Lak), and Cau Dat (Lam Dong).

Nearly 90% of the coffee area in Vietnam grows Robusta coffee, 10% Arabica, and the remaining 1% is Liberian coffee. Robusta coffee from Vietnam is a coffee variety with Vietnamese brand characteristics and Robusta brought Vietnam coffee brand to the world.

In a quarter of a century, from 1990 to 2015, coffee production in Vietnam increased from 92,000 tons to 1.6 million tons and reached 1.8 million tons in 2019. Vietnam is now the second largest coffee producer in the world and is the largest producer of Robusta coffee (40% of total Robusta production) and contributes about 10% of total global coffee production.

The change in the trend of enjoying coffee and recognizing the high value of Robusta coffee makes the whole world change its perception of Vietnam - the world's largest exporter of Robusta coffee beans. Nature has given us great conditions to do these miracles and Robusta coffee has become the soul of Vietnamese coffee.

Robusta Coffee in Vietnam is the best of the world
Robusta Coffee in Vietnam is the best of the world

2. Strong bitter taste 

Robusta coffee beans have a very mild sour taste and a strong bitter taste. Robusta coffee beans have a strong bitter taste, light aroma, acrid, brown water, and sweet aftertaste.

Robusta coffee from Vietnam has a bitter, bold, less sour taste with high caffeine content to help keep awake, which has quickly been loved by many people. In terms of roasting, there are also differences, Robusta must be roasted dark (dark roast) or super dark roast (super dark roast) and in most cases buttered to create the rich flavor of brewed coffee.

If you are a coffee connoisseur, you will notice the characteristics of Robusta coffee compared to other lines on the market. Robusta coffee has a less sour taste than Arabica coffee. In addition, Robusta coffee also comes with a characteristic bitter and acrid taste.

3. Energy boost.

The caffeine content in Robusta coffee beans is higher than in Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee has an average caffeine content twice as high as Arabica (2%-2.5% with Robusta, 1.1%-1.5% with Arabica). The fat and sugar content in Robusta coffee is lower than in Arabica coffee, with 60% less sugar and 60% fewer fats. This characteristic gives Robusta a distinctively rich flavor. Robusta coffee has twice as many antioxidants as Arabica coffee. It means Robusta coffee helps people prevent cancer and senescence. 

Pure Robusta coffee contains high levels of Chlorogenic Acid (CGA). Although called an Acid, Chlorogenic Acid is not characterized by a "sour taste" but a "bitter taste". During roasting, CGA will break down to form caffeic acid and quinic acid. Along with caffeine – these substances cause the bitter taste commonly found in Robusta. That's why scientists say Robusta coffee has twice the amount of acid – but actually, Robusta coffee is not sour at all, but more bitter than Arabica coffee.

Robusta coffee is suitable for brewing or mixing with Arabica to increase the strength of the coffee cup. Therefore, the combination of Arabica coffee with Robusta gives relatively higher quality than Arabica coffee. Because of this, Italian coffees (Espresso) always have 10-15% Robusta coffee to enhance the flavor and create a more attractive Crema layer.

II. Which product from King Coffee contains Robusta?

King Coffee is one of the most successful coffee brands in Vietnam. King Coffee has many products that contain Robusta coffee from Vietnam. The strong flavor of Robusta coffee is perfectly combined with the gentle aroma of Arabica coffee to create the best quality coffee products. Let’s try some products from King Coffee containing Robusta.

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Buon Ma Thuot

The typical blend of strongly roasted Robusta and Arabica beans from two of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Vietnam – Buon Ma Thuot and Cau Dat offers a bold and strong taste. Buon Ma Thuot is one of the most famous Robusta coffee growing regions in the world. The strong flavor of robusta coffee from Buon Ma Thuot is what makes King Coffee quality products.

Breakfast Blend

This product is made with the perfect combination of premium Arabica coffee beans from famous coffee-growing regions such as Brazil, Guatemala, Cau Dat (Viet Nam), and premium Vietnamese Robusta beans. Coffee beans undergo medium roasting to bring out the sweet and bitter taste and aroma. Coffee lightly interspersed with the sour taste of citrus, awakens the taste buds and awakens your spirit for a new day.


King Coffee made this product for those who love espresso - one of the most popular coffee-brewing methods. Premium Arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil, Cau Dat (Vietnam), and Robusta coffee from Vietnam are meticulously roasted to create a distinctive Italian espresso flavor with a classic caramel aroma.


Signature is a gift created by King Coffee experts for coffee lovers. From the finest selected Arabica beans from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Cau Dat, and the finest Vietnamese Robusta beans that are medium-roasted to deliver an unparalleled complex aroma, medium-bodied texture, and bitter-sweet taste.

Gourmet Blend

The best coffee beans from the 160-million-year-old basalt red soil highlands are selected. Then Vietnamese coffee is combined with coffee from many famous coffee-growing regions in the world. Using a mysterious recipe from the Orient, King Coffee creates Gourmet Blend. This is the perfect combination of 4 types of coffee Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor with strong and rich flavor, awakening the hidden power within yourself, arousing excitement and passion to go to success. 

Inspire Blend

The heritage of Vietnamese coffee is made from premium coffee beans of 4 types of coffee Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa & Catimor. With the love and passion of King Coffee experts, Inspire Blend is made perfectly. Inspire Blend offers a long-lasting fragrance and a harmonious taste that sets you apart and makes you ready to express yourself.

Expert Blend

From premium coffee beans combined with King Coffee's unique roasting and blending know-how to create a coffee with a distinctively appealing flavor. Expert Blend brings you a cup of coffee that is very rich, strong, and aromatic thanks to the characteristics of selected Robusta coffee from Vietnam and Arabica from around the world. There is nothing better than owning a unique coffee taste, and helping to create and bring new experiences to life with the Expert Blend product line.

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This product is dedicated to rewarding pioneers who are different with high ideals of living, pursuing their passions, and creating values ​​for society. King Coffee Golden is like a polyphonic symphony with 7 notes represented by 7 types of best coffee beans from 7 famous coffee-growing regions in the world: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Cau Dat & Buon Ma Thuot.

King Coffee Golden starts with a little passionate aroma of the finest and typical Arabica beans of each land and continues with the original mild sour and sweet taste of ripe coffee beans that are harvested, wetly processed, and dried under natural sunlight. The perfect flavor is completed with an elegant bitter note and a smooth aftertaste created from the unique roasting secret of coffee experts from King Coffee.

There are a lot of products of King Coffee containing Robusta CoffeeThere are a lot of products of King Coffee containing Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee from Vietnam is the main material to create quality products of King Coffee. If you want to drink a strong-flavor coffee, let’s try King Coffee.

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