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King Coffee’s roasted bean coffee - King Coffee’s product is positioned as a premium one, as it is the only Vietnamese coffee brand with the best roasted coffee beans from well-known Vietnamese and global raw coffee material production areas:

Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Buon Ma Thuot (Daklak), and Cau Dat (Da Lat). King Coffee’s roasted bean coffee proudly assures its quality as the King of Vietnamese coffee: producing distinctively delicious coffee, and promoting creativity in each coffee drop.

From the 1880s, coffee followed the French to Vietnam and then cultivated to serve the nobility. Since 1920, coffee has been widely grown in Kon Tum and gradually grown in popularity in localities with suitable soil and climate conditions.

It has been nearly 150 years that coffee has been present in Vietnamese life - a long enough time to form a Vietnamese coffee culture. Vietnamese coffee culture is first of all street coffee culture, sidewalk coffee. There, coffee becomes “eternal” like the sour - bitter - salty - sweet taste of life.

Filter coffee is considered the symbol of Vietnamese coffee. Filtration is the oldest and most popular form of coffee preparation in our country. Filtered coffee not only conquers those who are “addicted” and connoisseurs of coffee, but also makes many coffee lovers around the world fall in love with “passion”.

Vietnamese coffee culture has its own distinct regional culture. If the Southern people like the refreshing iced milk coffee, which is sweet and sour, the Northern people prefer the taste of black - solid - bold - bitter coffee.

At King Coffee instant vietnamese coffee brands, And an extremely interesting thing, Vietnamese coffee culture is traditional coffee, specialty coffee but also “integrated” coffee. Blending with the modern flow, machine-made coffee, takeaway coffee, etc. were also introduced and gradually popularized. Young customers with little time; prefer “lighter” coffee; always want to discover new brewing methods and coffee enjoyment trends. Vietnamese coffee culture is therefore more colorful.

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