Why are franchise coffee shops trending?

According to statistics, on average, each Vietnamese person is consuming about 2,5kg of coffee per year, about twice as much as in 2015. As the demand for coffee is increasing, this is the reason why coffee business is always popular and considered as a potential and extremely attractive business field. In recent years, coffee franchise business has been rated as the best coffee business model for beginners. So what is the reason?

  1. 5 best coffee business models

In Vietnam, there are many coffee business models. But the most popular are still the 5 best coffee shop models listed below:

Traditional coffee business

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Traditional coffee shops are coffee shops that have been familiar to Vietnamese people for a long time. The space of the restaurant does not need to be fussy. The shop can be located in small alleys or large streets. Beverages are mainly traditional Vietnamese coffees such as iced black coffee, filter coffee, egg coffee…

Franchise coffee business


The franchise coffee shop model is increasingly popular in modern life. With this model, the owner needs to pay a certain fee to use the franchisor’s brand. The franchisor will “transfer” the entire operation process, recipes, drink menus, etc. to the franchisee. Franchise coffee shops will carry the style of the “original” brand. The best coffee business is when you choose a reputable franchise brand.

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Takeaway coffee business


Takeaway coffee is “coffee to take away” - buyers will not necessarily enjoy it at the shop but take it anywhere they want or they can order coffee through food delivery applications (Grab, Baemin, Shopee Food, etc.). With this model, business people will not need to spend a large amount of money to invest in premises. It can be a trolley, a small kiosk or a mobile car, etc.

Garden coffee business

To get started with this model, you have to really invest in the premises and space. The space is open, designed to be close to nature, so it needs a fairly large space. This is the best coffee business for those with strong financial potential because the cost of opening a coffee shop is quite high.

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Toads coffee/sidewalk coffee business

This is the most popular coffee business model. With just a few plastic chairs, a seat large enough on the sidewalk and a few simple preparation tools, you can have your own “coffee shop”. The cost to start this business is extremely low. Drinks of a sidewalk coffee shop are also traditional types of coffee such as black iced coffee, milk iced coffee, filter coffee, etc…

  1. Why are franchise coffee shops trending?

Among the above coffee business models, coffee franchising is a HOT trend. This business model has many advantages such as:

  • Business people can take advantage of the existing reputation of a strong brand, so it saves a lot of time to start “building” a brand from scratch.
  • Well-known brands have proven to be successful overtime. The operation process, the recipe, the menu, etc. all have proven their effectiveness through customer’s experience. Therefore, business risks will be significantly reduced.
  • Thanks to a significant reduction in the initial “start-up” time for business planning; developing marketing strategies; sourcing raw materials; testing recipes; business management, etc. so this best coffee business model helps the owner to quickly recover capital.
  • Some franchise brands also organize free training programs for owners to operate and develop their business effectively.
  1. Top 5 best coffee shops you need to know

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Is the franchise model the best coffee business model? This depends a lot on the choice of franchise brand. Some of the coffee shops that are rated as the best and with the best taste are referred to by many people for franchising co-operation, such as:

  • Highlands Coffee
  • The Coffee House
  • Gemini Coffee
  • Starbucks
  • King Coffee

Among the names mentioned above, King Coffee is known as one of the best coffee franchises in Vietnam today. King Coffee offers a diverse selection of franchised coffee models such as:

  • King Coffee Premium
  • King Coffee Grab & Go

King Coffee’s franchise costs are quite reasonable. With a low initial capital, anyone can “start-up” a coffee business with the franchise models of King Coffee.

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With the above information, we hope you soon choose the best and most suitable coffee business model. We wish you a successful business!

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