What Is Vietnam Drip Coffee? How to Make Vietnam Drip Coffee?

Vietnam drip coffee is known as the traditional coffee of Vietnam. The delicious drip coffee cups have become famous in the home country and abroad. This coffee-making culture is still maintained by many shops to this day. So, which is the most delicious Vietnamese drip coffee? Find out in the article below.

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Vietnam Drip Coffee
Vietnam drip coffee is known as the traditional coffee of Vietnam.

1. What is Vietnam Drip Coffee?

Drip coffee is made from raw materials that are ripe coffee beans. These beans are harvested and tested with strict procedures. This roasted coffee product is produced by a rustic roasting method without chemical additives or coloring materials so that the coffee beans do not lose their original flavor.

Vietnam drip coffee is divided into two basic types, pure drip coffee with ice and without ice. To enjoy the delicious taste of a cup of drip coffee depends on many factors such as ingredients, type of coffee filter, and your mood.

Vietnam drip coffee is suitable for all customers of all ages. With the production and packaging methods and modern coffee-making aids, King Coffee's products are so popular.

2. How to make Vietnam Drip Coffee?

Preparation (materials, tools)

To make a cup of drip coffee, the first thing you need is the coffee powder and the coffee filter. On the market today, coffee filters are produced in many models to serve the needs and purposes of many people. Coffee filters can be divided into the following main types:

  • Coffee filter made of aluminum: It is the most basic type of coffee filter because its price is affordable and keeps heat well. The entire system at the bottom of the filter is very thick and small, evenly distributed to help coffee Slow-flowing coffee makes the coffee stronger. However, this type shows signs of yellowing after a period of use. So, it will no longer be as shiny as it was at the beginning.
  • Coffee filter made of stainless steel: It is a filter with a superior design to aluminum with a snap-on lid. It helps you adjust the compression when making coffee more accurately by turning the screw in the middle shaft in the filter. Therefore, the price of this coffee filter is higher than that of the aluminum filter.

Steps to make drip coffee

Making Vietnamese drip coffee is an art. The barista is an artist because to have a good cup of coffee, many factors need to be converged. To do so, please implement the following steps:

How to make Vietnam coffee

How to make Vietnam drip coffee

  • Rinse the coffee filter with boiling water to warm it up.
  • Put the coffee into the filter and then press it tight enough. Make sure the coffee is a ⅓ filter, then press just enough, not too loose nor too tight.
  • Pour a little boiling water over the compressed filter to brew the filter for 5-10 seconds to help the coffee receive enough heat to bloom more evenly.
  • Put the coffee filter on the cup and pour boiling water. Cover about one knuckle and close the lid, then wait for the drip.
  • You can add sugar depending on your taste, stir well, and enjoy it. Sugar should be used with rock sugar and milk should be mixed in a ratio of 3:10.

If you use machines to make coffee, it only takes about one minute to have enough coffee to satisfy customers. However, if you use a filter to brew, it is necessary to have ready-to-use coffee to avoid keeping customers waiting for too long. And can store filter coffee after brewing:

Wait for the coffee to cool, then attach it to a glass. Cover the mouth of the cup and put it in the freezer compartment. This method can be used for a day of coffee, but it is best for under two hours so as not to lose the taste of coffee.

What's more? You can even use a thermos to preserve the drip coffee. However, if not forced, do not use this method because the coffee is to solidify and lose flavor.

The secret to good coffee

Pure coffee

To know what pure coffee is, the simplest way is to buy coffee beans, grind, brew, and feel it yourself. Pure coffee beans must be rustic roasted coffee beans, with no additives.

Hot water

Use purified water. The purer the water, the better your coffee will be. You can try boiled water at a high temperature of 95-100 degrees Celsius. If you boil water with an electric kettle as soon as the power is turned off, you will immediately light up the coffee.

Coffee filter

The aluminum filter coffee maker is the best. Please choose a filter with thick aluminum material, perforated holes, and reasonable distribution. Make sure the filter used to mix is ​​clean (it is best to rinse it with boiled water before use), and choose a film with thick and reasonable holes.


Put the pure coffee powder into the filter. The amount of coffee should be equal to 5/10 of the filter or 6/10 of the filter. Gently shake the ground coffee with the face and then use the cover to press the coffee together. The coffee will flow quickly, and the amount of coffee will not be concentrated.

Vietnamese coffee myths

The secret for an excellent cup of drip coffee

Then take the cover out. You may not need to pour boiling water over the metal lid but gently pour boiling water into the coffee powder.

  • How to fill water? Water boils at 95-100 degrees Celsius. Sprinkle water evenly into a circle gently and divide into two sprinkles. For the first time, fill enough to wet the coffee. Wait about one minute for the coffee beans to bloom. Continue to add water for the second time (the way you pour the water also affects the quality of the coffee).
  • Water level: If you want to drink densely, pour a little water. The more water you add, the thinner the coffee will be.

Cover the filter and wait. Pure coffee powder needs sucking and absorbing boiling water to expand and release coffee water. So, the coffee water has not dropped right into the filter at first. After two minutes, the coffee will drip continuously into the cup.


Finally, add sugar, milk, or ice as you like. Make coffee with milk: milk ratio is 3-4/10, and coffee is 6-7/10. Milk must be put into the cup first, and then the coffee filter is on. Hot water helps to cook the milk and when brewed, the coffee and milk will blend. Remember: When making coffee with milk, do not add sugar.

After you have finished making the best coffee, continue to bring the water to a boil and refill it a second time, this time filling up the filter. When drinking, put less sugar and lots of ice, stir well and wait 4 minutes before drinking. Only then will the water be freezing and drink large sips (like drinking iced tea) that you will discover its pleasure.

3. King Coffee's Vietnam drip coffee products

King Coffee is a coffee brand developed and launched by TNI Corporation in October 2016 at the Thuy Nga Paris By Night Music Event (120) in the United States and is widely accepted in over 60 countries and territories in which there are large markets such as China, USA, Russia, Singapore, Korea.... and returned to Vietnam in August 2017.

King Coffee products are carefully packed with convenient packaging so that users can take it to many places. Whether you are on a business trip or travel, you can bring it with you to enjoy.

Coffee Drip

The success of King Coffee comes from the product quality, the quintessence of each coffee bean that is picked and selected, along with the esoteric methods of the East that have made the brand King Coffee - The king of Vietnamese coffee. Each coffee bean is the crystallization of the sun, wind, heaven, and earth, carefully and meticulously selected from famous coffee raw materials such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and especially Robusta from the coffee capital of Vietnam - Buon Ma Thuot (Lam Dong).

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Here are the outstanding advantages of Vietnam drip coffee at King Coffee that you should know:

  • Good for the health and intelligence of the user: The caffeine content is sufficient and does not affect the health of the customer. King Coffee's products help users feel the delicious taste and have a clear intellectual state.
  • Say no to chemicals: The production and preservation process meets international standards and is extremely strict. King Coffee’s products say no to chemicals.
  • The price is not too expensive, suitable for most customers.

And that's all the information about Vietnam drip coffee and the perfect way to make coffee that we send to you and your friends. Hope our readers find useful information on how to make the perfect filter coffee. Thanks for following our article!