Vietnamese Robusta Coffee - A Vietnamese specialty

Referring to Vietnam’s coffee, people often mention Robusta coffee, which accounts for 90% of the planted area. Little do they know that Robusta also has a familiar, extremely Vietnamese name, which is Voi coffee (Cà phê Vối). A type of coffee tree familiar to the livelihoods of Vietnamese farmers. The tree has high economic value, making Vietnam the world’s second-largest coffee exporter, after Brazil.

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Robusta is a familiar coffee variety with the name Voi coffee

Robusta is a familiar coffee variety with the name Voi coffee

1. Robusta Coffee (Voi coffee)

The reason why Robusta coffee is called Voi coffee is that the leaves of the plant are similar to the leaves of the Voi tree. The full scientific name of this coffee variety is Coffea Robusta or Canephora. The tree is suitable for Vietnam’s soil and climate, with few pests and diseases, the main export of our country.

Voi coffee has a higher caffeine content than coffee arabica, the finished product has a more bitter taste. Coffee varieties are woody or shrubs, with a lifespan of up to 30 years. After 3 to 4 years of planting, the first fruit will be harvested, the yield productivity will gradually decrease from 20 to 25 years onwards.

2. Differences between Vietnam’s Robusta coffee and other countries

Vietnamese Robusta coffee is commented to have a different coffee taste from other countries. Coffee in the world is mainly Arabica coffee, originating from the highlands of Ethiopia.

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Robusta coffee will have an extra bitter and stronger taste than Arabica coffee from other countries. Robusta is named from Robust, which means strong. By enjoying this coffee, it will provide the enjoyers with a feeling of spreading bitterness.

Arabica coffee will have to be processed through fermentation. This difference makes many people who enjoy Vietnamese coffee feel it very special.

Robusta has a bitter taste, suitable for usage with condensed milk, creating Vietnam’s coffee drinking style. In Europe, they will usually use other types of milk to mix with coffee. This also contributes to the difference in taste.

Depending on the taste of the coffee, you can choose Robusta or Arabica coffee. If you enjoy coffee according to the Western taste, you should choose Arabica coffee with a mildly bitter, sour taste. If you prefer a strong coffee taste, you can choose Arabica coffee from Vietnam.

Robusta coffee is Vietnam’s main export coffee variety

Robusta coffee is Vietnam’s main export coffee variety

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3. How to make a delicious cup of Robusta coffee 

To be able to enjoy a tasty cup of Robusta coffee, you need to know how to brew it. How to make good coffee requires preparing the right ingredients and equipment.


  • Coffee powder
  • Hot water
  • Filter (Phin)
  • Stirring spoon


Here are the most basic step-by-step instructions on how to make a delicious cup of Robusta coffee:

  • Step 1

You can choose the size of the coffee filter that matches the amount of coffee you want to brew. First, you need to rinse the filter with boiling water to heat the filter. Providing enough heat for the coffee filter to make a delicious, rich cup of coffee. Make sure the coffee after brewing will have a temperature ranging from 95 to 100 degrees Celsius.

  • Step 2

Put the powdered coffee into the filter just enough and start preparing. You need to note the appropriate ratio, the amount of coffee is ⅓ of the volume of the filter. Flatten the surface of the coffee to proceed to step 3 in the brewing process.

  • Step 3

Pour boiling water with a sufficient amount, so that all the coffee powder is covered. You can use the lid to gradually press down on the amount of coffee, it should only be done gently. Do not use too much force as it will cause your coffee to leak out. In case, if we press too lightly, the coffee will start to fill the lid up and bubbly.

  • Step 4

Cover the coffee lid in the filter to fully expand. Wait until the coffee powder is completely absorbed with the water.

  • Step 5

Continuing, you will add water ⅔ of the volume of the filter. Close the lid of the coffee filter and wait for your coffee to drip into the cup. Qualified brewed coffee will have a drop every second, not too slowly nor too massive. If the coffee turns into a flow, it means that it is not pressed tightly.

Brewing Robusta is not that difficult

Brewing Robusta is not that difficult

  • Step 6

Enjoy coffee with a little sugar or condensed milk. Depending on your coffee taste, you can adjust the amount of sugar to suit it best.

Robusta coffee from Vietnam is an extremely outstanding specialty that nature has gifted our country. Through the information shared above, TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. hopes you will have a lot of useful information for reference.

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