Weasel Coffee Vietnam–Things to Know

Weasel Coffee Vietnam–Things to Know

Referring to Central Highlands cuisine in Vietnam, you will probably immediately think of weasel coffee, a famous specialty in the country and abroad. So, what is weasel coffee Vietnam? How is the origin making this drink that is so popular with consumers! Follow the article below to know more details!

Weasel coffee Vietnam is a unique type of coffee, ranked in the list of the most delicious drinks.

1. What is weasel coffee Vietnam?

It is made from coffee beans eaten by ferrets, which cannot be digested and excreted in feces through the digestive process in the weasel's stomach, especially by the action of enzymes that change the inherent ingredients in coffee beans. Thanks to the fermenting effect of enzymes in the weasel's stomach, weasel coffee has a characteristic delicious taste, becoming a premium, special drink and is loved by the entire world.

Weasel coffee Vietnam was discovered around the beginning of the 18th century when Indonesia was a Dutch colony. Balinese farmers were forbidden to harvest coffee. Then, they discovered that the weasel after eating coffee could not digest it. When harvesting these beans, it would create a much more delicious drink than regular coffee.

Weasel is a picky animal. They often choose the best coffee berries on the tree to eat. Those are ripe berries, not deep, not scratched, or have plastic clinging to the outside. It is why weasel is famous as an expert in selecting the best quality coffee beans. This animal is often called palm civet or loofah, depending on the locality of the country. In Vietnam, people raise civets mainly in the Central Highlands to produce this type of coffee.

2. The production process of weasel coffee

The production process of weasel coffee is:

  • First, the ripe coffee beans will be brought to the weasels to eat. With a keen sense of smell, weasels will choose to eat the best coffee berries from the ripe ones brought to them. Normally, the weasels will consume about 20% of the coffee beans brought in.
  • Coffee beans after entering the intestines of the weasel will be excreted with feces. Immediately, they are collected and dried in the sun. Then, the farmers will separate the coffee beans from the weasel manure and rub them to peel off the husks.
  • Next, the coffee beans are soaked, scrubbed, and rinsed thoroughly under a powerful stream of water to obliterate the silk and dirt. Then, continue to dry in the sun. Here, the finished product is hard and light green coffee beans.
  • Finally, the coffee is hand-roasted to keep its distinctive flavor. Then pack, preserve or prepare immediately.

3. How to make weasel coffee

Preparation Ingredients:

  • Weasel coffee: 20 grams (4 to 5 tablespoons depending on how much people drink) + purified water
  • Can be brewed with an aluminum filter or a dedicated coffee machine

Steps to take to have a delicious weasel coffee Vietnam:

  • Step 1: Boil a kettle of water. Then rinse the items for making coffee through boiling water to avoid dirt or unpleasant odors.
  • Step 2: Put about 20 grams of coffee
  • Step 3: Pour boiling water into the coffee. Cover and shake gently to infuse boiling water and coffee powder
  • Step 4: After about one minute, when the coffee powder has soaked, take it out and continue to pour 40 - 45ml of boiling water into it.
  • Step 5: After about two minutes, you can enjoy a cup of iced black coffee or milk coffee.

4. Top 5 weasel coffee products from Vietnam

4.1 Weasel Coffee from King Coffee

KING COFFEE WEASEL results from a perfect refining process. It is produced through nine stages of feats with meticulous attention to sophistication.

In Vietnam, many businesses have produced and supplied premium mink coffee to the market. One of them is the King Coffee Weasel product of TNI Corporation. It is distilled from the best coffee beans of the red basalt land after undergoing miraculous metabolism inside the stomach of wild weasels and modern super sterilization technology.

KING COFFEE WEASEL is a super product of weasel coffee created based on the spirit of dedication. It contributes to enriching the sublime intellectual life of the human species. These coffee beans will be mixed and roasted with six precious stones and 13 special herbs in a completely handmade method. With the skillful hands of passionate oriental coffee masters, a premium coffee flavor for coffee connoisseurs has been born.

After that, the particle will be grounded for 343 days to absorb the metaphysical spiritual energy from the integral elements of the universe. These coffee beans are continuously blended and roasted with six types of precious stones and 13 special herbs according to a completely manual method.


  • King Coffee Weasel has the most delicious taste in the world
  • Suitable for many users
  • King Coffee Weasel belongs to a high-end product line. So, if you bring it out to treat a guest, the guest will feel how much you appreciate this relationship.
  • The taste of weasel coffee is bitter, but it gives a pleasant feeling
  • If you love the sweet taste, you can completely add a little condensed milk or a little sugar to best suit your taste.

4.2 Weasel Instance Coffee from G20 Coffee

G20 Weasel Coffee is one of the most expensive coffee lines in the world. 

G20 weasel coffee Vietnam is a name that is no longer a strange name for coffee addicts. If you are a fan of coffee, you must have heard of G20 Weasel Coffee, a genuine and special product in the world.

G20 Weasel Coffee adheres to a strict production process to create a high-quality, standard, and unforgettable coffee flavor. The product design is especially simple but delicate. It helps to ensure the quality of coffee and is suitable as a gift for important customers.

Weasel coffee is rare, so it is always at the top of the most expensive coffee in the world. At G20 Weasel Coffee, they strive to give the customers the best coffee taste at extremely attractive prices.


  • Weasel coffee standard quality from reputable farms.
  • Completely remove 100% impurities
  • The roasting process is strictly inspected and controlled
  • Tested for quality and food safety

4.3 MR.VIET Weasel Coffee

MR.VIET weasel coffee is a brand that is hard to ignore.

MR.VIET weasel coffee Vietnam is the perfect gift for the highlands of Vietnam with the famous weasel flavor. You will feel the best coffee taste with this rare and expensive drink. Along with that, you will be given free advice on the product you want to buy and receive the most favorable price currently on the market. 


  • Carefully selected Vietnamese coffee beans, hand-picked from eco-farms in the Central Highlands
  • Products are manufactured on modern technological lines, always ensuring excellent coffee quality for consumers
  • The product is suitable for daily use or added to gift baskets, giving to friends and relatives on special occasions

4.4 Legend Revived Weasel Coffee

Legend Revived Mocha Coffee is a traditional Arabica specialty known for its powerful aroma and pure sour taste

Legend Revived Weasel Mocha Coffee is a high-class coffee product line produced at an altitude of 500 - 1500 m and fertile basalt red soil. The Central Highlands is the ideal land for coffee production, with Buon Ma Thuot and Da Lat are the two principal centers. Cau Dat is on a plateau up to 1,500m high with ideal conditions for growing specialty Mocha coffee (another name for Arabica).


  • Weasel Mocha keeps these properties but on a completely different level
  • The scent of Mocha Weasel is light chocolate, not bold but just delicate enough
  • The sourness is complemented by sweetness to create a deep sour taste that you probably never knew

4.5 Hat A Premium Weasel Coffee

Hat A uses the best Arabica coffee beans from the red basalt land 160 million years ago. 

Hat A Premium weasel coffee Vietnam is the type of coffee where the weasel eats the most delicious and ripe red coffee beans on the coffee tree. The coffee beans are passed through the ferret's digestive tract. It is the gastric enzyme secreted from the weasel's stomach that creates the special taste of coffee during fermentation.

In the old days with ripe red coffee berries, weasels ate and excreted the whole beans in places like on rocks or in caves. The coffee beans undergo miraculous metabolism inside the stomach of wild weasel species and modern ultra-sterilization technology. The indigenous people picked it up, washed it, dried it, roasted it, enjoyed it, and found it delicious.


  • The taste makes a strong impression right from the first drink
  • Smells like the smoke of burning wood
  • Caffeine content of this type is high from 1.2% to 1.3%.

Weasel coffee Vietnam is the most expensive on the planet because there are only a few countries in the world that are given this gift by nature, including Vietnam. Weasel coffee has a greasy taste, less sour than regular coffee. The taste is also special, more pleasant and gentle, and is a blend of different flavors. If you love coffee, try to enjoy the special taste of weasel coffee and feel it.