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The best coffee distributors are always warmly sought by investors in the catering industry, especially coffee franchises. Mainly for the leading coffee distribution companies in Vietnam because the quality of our country’s coffee is always inviting, premium, and highly productive.

Let’s discover some coffee distribution companies in the article below.

Discover the leading coffee distribution companies in Vietnam

Discover the leading coffee distribution companies in Vietnam

  1. Products of Vietnamese coffee distributors

Vietnam is proud to be a country that can grow and produce many kinds of high-quality coffee, among the top coffee exporting countries in the world.

So it’s no wonder that the best coffee distributors are always warmly sought after by investors in the catering industry, especially the coffee franchises.

Because the prerequisite in this business is the quality of the coffee, the drinks must be made with delicious and attractive flavors so that the new chain stores can continue to remain and develop. Then consider the cost of input coffee as well as other preparation materials.

Coffee distributors and coffee distribution companies are well aware of this, so they have developed many convenient forms of buying and selling coffee products for investors and operators of franchised coffee chains.

Coffee is selected, purchased from growing areas, then preliminary processed, roasted, and ground according to a specific recipe suitable to the characteristics of the coffee variety, soil, temperature, and humidity when harvested. Many suppliers are more impressed by the meticulousness when studying the harvesting and preliminary processing conditions to help the coffee retain its delicious taste from the very beginning.

At the finished roasting step, it is also possible to form hundreds of different types of coffee depending on the roasting temperature, additional additives, or the degree of grinding - grinding coffee beans to serve many other forms of brewing together. The coffee distributor can sell you whole beans, large flakes, or finely grounded coffee… flexibility depends on the order.

In 2021, Vietnam will focus mainly on Robusta coffee. In the 11 months of 2021, Robusta coffee exports reached 1.218 million tons, worth 2.02 billion USD, down 1.4% in volume, but up 9.5% in value over the same period in 2020.

  1. Target market of coffee distributors

Expanding the product distribution market is the ambition of any coffee distribution company or retail distributor. When the domestic market is already favorable for business development, even saturated - it is extremely right to learn to step out into the international field. Currently, many leading Vietnamese coffee distribution companies are also strategic partners of many coffee brands around the world. Among them, there are European markets (EU), the USA, Russia, Japan, the UK, and recently, the MENA region also has a lot of potentials.

Not accepting to be put at a disadvantage when only exporting raw coffee, in recent years, coffee distribution enterprises have researched and launched a lot of ready-made coffee products, instant coffee, and mixed drinks available from coffee… creating an increasingly strong wave of love and preference for Asian coffee in general and Vietnamese coffee in particular.

According to a report in 2020, the US is the third market on the list of potential coffee exports of Vietnam - with an export output of nearly 143 thousand tons/year. Not only that, the food and drinks of Vietnam are also constantly being known and loved by many people in the US, starting to have a strong foothold in the consumer market as well as in the franchise coffee market.

  1. Reasons to choose Vietnamese coffee

As mentioned above, Vietnamese coffee distributors are always sought after and favored compared to many other coffee exporting countries, especially for two main reasons:

The first reason is because of the quality of the coffee. According to the General Department of Customs, as of the first 10 months of 2020, Vietnam has exported more than 1.205 million tons of coffee, of which Robusta accounts for 95%, and the rest is Arabica and other types.

Robusta coffee is proud to be the main product of Vietnam due to the variety of plants suitable to natural conditions, high output, and meeting the needs of large quantities of customers. The percentage of caffeine in Robusta accounts for 3%-4%, giving a rich, strong flavor. As for Arabica, this coffee has an iconic aroma of fruits and flowers with low caffeine content (1%-2%) and a not too bitter coffee taste. Along with the development of media and the new expansion of new recipes, Arabica coffee is gradually reaching the number 1 position in export instead of Robusta.

Secondly, the best coffee distributors always have the flexibility to meet the needs of customers, with continuously improved ways of processing and preserving coffee, for better taste and quality to be more delicious. The forms of packaging and transportation are also not limited to a single mold, with each market having its methods suitable for that market.

  1. The leading Vietnamese coffee distribution companies

Familiar names that distribute the best coffee include:

  • Trung Nguyen Coffee Group
  • TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd.
  • An Thai Coffee Group
  • Nestle Vietnam Company
  • Vinacafe Bien Hoa Joint Stock Company

Among them, TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. is diligently the most “hardworking” coffee distributor to enter the US market, not only selling coffee on demand but also becoming an effective companion in the journey of building a franchise coffee business model for investors in the US.

If you have idle capital and are looking for potential business opportunities in the coffee industry, do not miss the chance, contact TNI King Coffee for the most useful and updated news.


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