The best coffee business models that you should know

The coffee shop business is one of the attractive and profitable business models. There are many models of the coffee business, depending on the creativity of the entrepreneur. Understanding the best coffee business models today is the way that many people choose to start with.

There are many outstanding coffee models for business

There are many outstanding coffee models for business

1. Coffee Bar

Coffee counters are extremely suitable for small businesses. Just set up a dispensary and you can start a takeout business. The form of a coffee shop mainly serves customers to take away rather than stay and drink.

The coffee counter business model is suitable for tourist destinations, office areas, and offices. This form of business helps to reduce costs without investing too much. Their menu is usually simple and serves up some outstanding coffees.

2. Coffeehouse

The coffee shop business is a traditional model chosen by many people. Coffee shops are everywhere in Vietnam, focusing on densely populated areas. The shop does not need too much in facilities, just rent a place and hire staff.

The coffee shop model is mainly a coffee business and several rustic drinks. This form of business is suitable for young people who love to gather in crowded places to drink.

3. Retail Coffee Shop

Retail coffee is mainly in the form of selling powdered coffee or processed coffee. This is also one of the most popular business forms in the Vietnam market. The advantage of this form is that it can sell coffee far away and increase sales.

Besides, integrating the powdered coffee business form, one can also open a coffee shop. Let customers come to enjoy and buy coffee to increase the number of sales. Bringing efficiency is many times higher than if we only trade ready-made coffee.

4. Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

Drive-Thru coffee shop is a very prominent USA coffee business model. Customers can sit at the cafe and order coffee right away at the table. The Drive-Thru form has the support of screen devices to order coffee.

Customers can pay for coffee by themselves through the communication device located at the table. The staff will bring the drinks to the table for the customers without them having to waste time waiting. Furthermore, this business model can save staff costs and automate all related activities in the shop. This is considered an innovation of the coffee business, thereby reaching the 4.0 technology era.

Drive-Thru coffee shop is a business form in the technology age

Drive-Thru coffee shop is a business form in the technology age

5. Coffee Carts and Trucks

The form of coffee business using trucks is extremely unique and creative. This is one of the business models that combine a truck and a cafe altogether. Business people do not need to spend a lot of money to rent space, they can sell it right on their carts/trucks. This is extremely suitable for creative youngsters with a new coffee model in Vietnam.

Choosing this business model can move easily and flexibly from one place to another thanks to the support of trucks. Besides, you can reach a lot of customers in densely populated areas or offices and are highly flexible and suitable for many young people to start a business with coffee.

6. Roaster / Retailers

Coffee retailers are a much higher form of business than others. A special feature of the retailer is the distribution of self-branded coffee. Or you can distribute coffee from another brand that you are an agent of. This form helps us to increase profits and reach out to a larger customer base.

This model will cost a lot and must know about system development. Building coffee distribution units in the form of shops or retail businesses requires entrepreneurs to spend a lot of time and effort to forge.

Choosing any form requires passion and investment

Choosing any form requires passion and investment

There is a diversity of business models to meet the needs of startups. We must understand ourselves and choose the right business form. You can build your coffee brand or franchise a coffee brand. Depending on the choice that will have its advantages and disadvantages for each form of business.


For those who operate a coffee business under the franchise model, it is also possible to classify the coffee business according to the following types:

- Premium:

The franchised coffee shop chain is well invested in all aspects, especially in product quality, facilities, and service system to bring the best, unique, and one of a kind experience to customers.

Those who choose to join a franchise of premium coffee shops/stores usually target customers with a high taste, a relatively high standard of living, and a willingness to pay for a commensurate quality of service.

- Grab&Go:

Are shops/stores/coffee shops that serve quickly and conveniently for a wider, more popular customer base with fairly “breathable” product quality standards but high requirements on form and fast service level to keep up with the fast-paced life.

This category can be further subdivided into 2 types:

  • Drive-through: Customers can view menus, and order and receive food without leaving their vehicle. Just sit in the car and follow the store’s arrangement itinerary.
  • Without drive-through: Customers will move (excluding vehicles) to the counter/cashier to order and pick up food (depending on the place).
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