The 12 Best-Selling Instant Coffee of All Time in the USA

Instant coffee was traded globally in the 1950s. This coffee product has become a drinking habit of all coffee lovers. If you are a die-hard fan of the best instant coffee, you will not want to ignore the following article about the 12 best-selling instant coffee in the USA. Let's find out which is the best instant coffee brand in the USA coffee market!

Here are 12 best-selling instant coffee in the USA.

I: Where does instant coffee come from?

Instant coffee was invented and patented in 1881 by Alphonse Allais. Since 1950, instant coffee has quickly dominated the market because of its convenience, long shelf life, and ease of use anywhere. Instant coffee is a powdered beverage with ingredients that have been planned according to the general taste of most users.

II: 12 Best Instant Coffee Brands in the USA

1. King Coffee

King Coffee is the brand that owns the widest range of products on the market today.

King Coffee is the leading coffee brand in Vietnam founded by Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao - co-founder of Trung Nguyen Coffee. King Coffee has been achieving many outstanding achievements in the coffee industry. Not only being loved in the domestic market, but King Coffee also scores with international friends at many major international events.

King Coffee's premium instant coffee product line is both convenient and deliciously delicious. This product is not only appreciated by experts but also received the love of diners in the USA. With the principle of satisfying the needs of customers around the world, King Coffee has launched many famous products. From traditional Vietnamese black coffee to American Americano, King Coffee has crystallized the flavor in each package of premium instant coffee.

Instant King Coffee products range from King Coffee 3 in 1 & Milk Café with milk coffee flavor, Pure Black with traditional black coffee flavor, Coffee & Creamer without added sugar, smooth cream, Standard Espresso-like machine, and Cappuccino trendy flavor.

  • Flavor: diverse and flexible
  • Ingredients: 100% pure coffee beans
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

2. Starbucks instant coffee

Starbucks instant coffee is the American best-selling option.

As one of the best instant coffee brands in the United States, Starbucks has spread at a dizzying speed around the world. The number of Starbucks stores is the dream number of any high-end instant coffee business. The products of this brand are of good quality after going through a strict production process. And premium instant coffee is no exception.

Starbucks' manual roasting stage will usually lose about 20% of the original weight. As a result, Starbucks' best instant coffee has a darker color and distinctive flavor.

  • Flavor: balanced and nutty
  • Ingredients: Soluble and Arabica coffee
  • Caffeine: 130-140mg per serving.

3. Mekong Sun instant coffee

Mekong Sun goes through many selections to bring the best instant coffee output to the production line.

Mekong Sun is the best instant coffee line of Sunwah Group (Hong Kong). Based on research and practical experience in the food field, Sunwah has created quality and safe products for consumers' health.

In particular, Mekong Sun premium instant milk coffee is made from fresh coffee beans. Combined with plant-based whole milk powder to create the perfect cup of coffee with the bitter taste of coffee and the slight sweetness of the milk.

  • Flavor: rich and aromatic
  • Ingredients: organic coffee
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

4. Tchibo instant coffee

All Tchibo coffee products meet international food standards (IFS).

Tchibo instant coffee is produced by Tchibo Corporation (Germany). It is one of the leading coffee companies in the world. Tchibo coffee still keeps the sophisticated style that this brand has pursued for decades. Unlike conventional instant coffees, Tchibo comes in a jar with a modern and elegant design.

It has made the product more prominent on the shelves and convenient for users. The raw material of Tchibo best instant coffee is 100% pure Arabica coffee beans that bring out the pure original flavor.

  • Flavor: rich and aromatic
  • Ingredients: 100% pure Arabica coffee beans
  • Caffeine: 75mg per serving

5. Nescafe Premium instant coffee

Nescafe instant coffee is a product of the world's largest food and beverage group Nestle. Nestle has a wide network around the world. Entering the market in 1912, this brand has quickly become a close friend of many families with many quality product lines.

With the perfect combination of roasted coffee and instant coffee, Nescafe has created a new coffee flavor. Nescafe premium instant coffee is made from quality Vietnamese coffee in harmony with sugar and milk to bring a rich flavor.

  • Flavor: Smooth and well-balanced
  • Ingredients: Soluble and Arabica Coffee
  • Caffeine: 65mg per serving

6. Vinacafé instant coffee

Vinacafé's four key product lines include Vinacafé Gold Original, bold, bolder, and 3in1.

This instant coffee is the product of Vinacafé Joint Stock Company. With production experience since the late seventies of the last century, Vinacafé has been supplying the market with thousands of tons of coffee per year.

The brand's four key product lines include Vinacafé Gold Original, bold, bolder, and 3in1. The balance of bitter, sweet, sour, and acrid flavors mixed with the greasy taste of milk creates delicious flavors.

  • Flavor: Smooth and well-balanced
  • Ingredients: organic coffee
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

7. Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Mount Hagen has been imported to the USA since 1993 and has become one of the pioneering instant coffee products. This brand is quickly loved and trusted by coffee lovers. After a long time of research, Mount Hagen has been improving its taste to suit the diverse tastes of the American people.

  • Flavor: Smooth and rich
  • Ingredients: 100% organic coffee
  • Caffeine: 50-60mg per serving

8. Highlands instant coffee

Highlands coffee beans have converged with the most quintessential Mother Nature's gift to the basalt red land

For Highlands Coffee, people not only think of coffee shops with prominent red logos but also because of the famous delicious instant coffee products in the coffee market. Typically, Highlands instant coffee is produced from pure coffee beans. The round, bean-like shape sets this coffee apart from others. Because it is better than other coffee varieties of the same type, farmers often choose these single-core round coffee beans for their production and processing.

It is no exaggeration to say that Highlands coffee beans have converged with the most quintessential Mother Nature's gift to the basalt red land. Two popular types of Highlands instant coffee are Robusta and Arabica. If Arabica has a sour taste, passionate aroma, and charm, Robusta has a rich flavor thanks to its higher caffeine content.

  • Flavor: rich and aromatic
  • Ingredients: 100% pure Arabica/Robusta coffee beans
  • Caffeine: 75mg per serving

9. G7 instant coffee

G7 is a premium instant coffee brand with a large market share and is favored by consumers.

G7 instant coffee is a product of Trung Nguyen Legend. Nearly 20 years in the market, G7 has launched many types of products to meet the diverse needs of customers. Some of the best-selling products in the USA can be mentioned such as G7 3in1 instant coffee, G7 instant black coffee, G7 Cappuccino instant coffee, etc.

Not only receiving enthusiastic support in the country, but G7 instant coffee is also present in over 60 countries and regions. In addition, G7 is the only coffee selected to serve international conferences in Vietnam.

  • Flavor: Smooth and aromatic
  • Ingredients: well-grounded coffee beans
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

10. K-Coffee Instant Coffee

K-Coffee instant coffee always keeps its original taste.

K-Coffee is an instant coffee product of a large coffee exporter–Phuc Sinh Joint Stock Company. K-Coffee is made from Vietnamese coffee ingredients from coffee farmers under International Sustainable Coffee Development (UTZ Certified) projects. The crop cycle follows the regulations of clean agriculture. Therefore, the processing process is closed from a clean farm to a factory meeting ISO and HACCP standards with modern equipment from Europe. 

  • Flavor: Rich and bold
  • Ingredients: 100% pure coffee beans
  • Caffeine: 57-65 mg per serving

11. Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Nescafe also launches Nescafe Dolce Gusto with many rich and diverse flavors.

Besides traditional coffees, Nescafe also launches the best instant coffee line with many rich and diverse flavors. For a long time, Nescafe's coffees have been especially favored by consumers because of their rich, pure, and especially delicious flavor. Nescafe's coffees are selected from the best quality and aromatic coffee beans, so they always leave an indelible impression on anyone who enjoys them.

  • Flavor: Well-balanced
  • Ingredients: 100% Freeze-Dried instant coffee
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

12. Davidoff instant coffee

Among the best instant coffee lines, Davidoff - Prestige gives users a unique experience.

Davidoff instant coffee is the premium coffee of the world-famous Davidoff brand. Davidoff - Prestige coffee is extracted from premium Arabica coffee from famous coffee-growing regions in the world.

Thanks to the advanced and high-class coffee processing technology, Davidoff has created Davidoff - Prestige coffee with a special taste, rich bitterness, passionate aroma, and light but imbued flavor.

  • Flavor: light but imbued
  • Ingredients: premium Arabica coffee
  • Caffeine: Unlisted

III: Conclusion

In the USA market, instant coffee accounts for nearly one-third of the proportion of coffee products consumed. Along with that is the increasingly fierce and fierce competition of domestic and foreign brands. However, with the price is not too expensive, and the taste is suitable for the taste of most consumers, instant coffee is also a superb choice for you to choose when starting your day.

Above are the 12 most popular instant coffee brands today. What special flavors have you experienced? Please share with us your best instant coffee choice!