How much does it cost to open a Coffee Shop?

The coffee franchise business is now becoming a potential new investment trend, attracting many investors to learn and participate. In particular, the top concern is definitely how much the operating cost of the coffee franchise is.

  1. What is a coffee franchise? 

A coffee franchise business is a form of cooperation under the system where the franchisor (franchisee partner) is allowed to trade in goods and services of the franchisor (investor) in an area and time specified by the agreement of the two parties.

The franchisor is responsible for building products, service standards, and media images effectively so that many people know about the franchised coffee brand. Franchisees will do business based on the standards and reputation of that brand. The more favorable and well-known the coffee brands are, the more profits earned since many people will be attracted to the franchise.

The franchisee is responsible for paying a certain amount of money for the franchisor to build and complete the franchised coffee shop according to the brand’s standards, then hand it over to the franchisee to operate. Franchisees also need to ensure that these standards are followed closely so as not to affect the quality and reputation of the entire franchise chain.

Franchising a coffee shop helps many people to own a coffee shop for business easily without having to spend too much time and effort building it all from scratch. When opened, there will usually be a certain number of patrons of the brand immediately, bringing quite optimistic initial sales as well as abundant development potential.

  1. About the coffee franchise opportunity

The coffee franchise market in Vietnam as well as in the world is extremely vibrant as the customer base is rapidly rejuvenating and changing tastes.

Coffee franchise opportunities are always open to investors with idle capital - but also to those who do not have much. The business of a store in the franchise chain helps the store owner minimize the initial investment capital for personnel training, market research, product research, customer communication, etc. On the other hand, the costs of construction, operation, and store design… are also optimized because the franchisor has extensive experience in the process of doing business and franchising many stores, limiting excess spending for unnecessary expenses.

It is not too difficult for investors to approach and learn about coffee franchises to decide whether to participate or not. Currently, franchisors and F0 investors are very focused on communication and customer care - as long as you have a need, you will almost certainly have dozens of information soon and attractive brand names to choose from. Now consider carefully, which brand has the right personality for you and has the most growth potential in your area.

  1. Operating expenses of the franchise cafe

Each franchise brand has different features, with different franchise costs and benefits for franchisees.

The initial cost of franchising a coffee shop can range from 20 million to hundreds of millions, even billions of VND depending on the style, business method, and segment of the brand. As mentioned in the previous section, you need to clearly define the style and segment of the coffee shop following your business orientation and conditions (capital, space, human resources), then estimate the amount of investment required.

Mobile coffee shops and mini-stop shops often have the cheapest franchise costs. Then there are the street coffee brands, which have a simple and comfortable design style. At the top are the “luxury” brands, targeting the customer segment that has a higher spending level but also needs to meet a higher quality of service to match the price.

In particular, overseas Vietnamese who want to open a franchise coffee shop need to study more deeply about consumption habits, comfort, lifestyles as well as living standards of local people to make a decision appropriately. 

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