Businesswoman Le Hoang Diep Thao and the journey to build the worldwide brand named King Coffee

Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao is a businesswoman and CEO of the Vietnamese coffee industry. She is currently the Founder and General Director of TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd.

Mrs. Le Hoang Diep Thao, born in 1973, is a famous businesswoman in the coffee business in Vietnam. She was the co-founder and executive officer of Trung Nguyen Group from 1998 to the end of 2014.

CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao

Currently, she is the Founder and General Director of TNI King Coffee Co., Ltd. In 2015, when facing a family incident, she established herself as TNI King Coffee as the second startup to continue writing her coffee dream with the desire to bring Vietnamese coffee brands to the world.

The aspiring businesswoman on the journey of building the King Coffee brand

In a speech before the divorce settlement, business executive Le Hoang Diep Thao recounted stories and experiences about how she helped her "Back & Bounce"". Standing up from the events of 2014 and the divorce judgment in 2019, CEO TNI King Coffee shared the reason for her return to the coffee industry.

In less than three years, the King Coffee brand has been quickly recognized worldwide and will become the most popular worldwide coffee brand in 2019. 

It was the driving force behind her: "I am sure of one thing. This new brand (King Coffee) will grow stronger and deserve to be a Vietnamese brand with true global stature!" Mrs. Diep Thao also said that King Coffee was established in a tough time. But some of her partners encouraged and encouraged her to keep doing it, thanks to which she launched a new brand full of enthusiasm.

With eternal love for coffee beans and Vietnamese farmers, Ms. Hoang Le Diep Thao had the intention to build a brand reaching the international level. Since then, King Coffee was born.

With each strict market, Madame Le Hoang Diep Thao always reaches and lays the foundation for her brand. Thanks to its unique marketing approach, King Coffee quickly became one of the best-selling coffee brands on global technology platforms.

In particular, Diep Thao also shared about the arduous journey to regain justice for Vietnam's Robusta coffee, whose recent achievement is a World Record for Vietnamese coffee and Vietnamese coffee culture. She said: "In the total world coffee industry, Robusta accounts for 46%, the trade value of the entire market is 467 billion USD (in 2020).

King Coffee’s advertising campaigns are well-known and effective.

Our immense advantage requires us to take it seriously and correct our mistakes to promote. On the day of receiving this record certificate, I think this is a historic moment because Vietnamese coffee has been officially affirmed and honored!" After achieving certain success, Mrs. Thao returned to the Vietnamese market and built high-class, modern coffee business models across 18 provinces.

Many lessons learned for young people have been given her, such as digital transformation and super apps will help businesses when entering the digital era, using the Singapore Dubai portal to help businesses reach out to the world.

If businesses are customer-oriented in the Middle East, they should use their language (Arabic). "Go out to see the opportunities and take action. It is your achievements that create your reputation and prestige, not your speeches or quotes," said the female CEO.

She affirmed: "I have the ambition to make coffee a strategic commodity in the Vietnamese economy. In the next five years, we want to build King Coffee to become one of the top 10 coffee brands in Asia."

The inspiring entrepreneur with concerns for Vietnamese farmers

During her business journey, Mrs. Thao always has a thought: "Why, while the price of a cup of coffee abroad is 5 dollars, in our country farmers can only sell coffee beans for 5 cents/kg?." Her point of view is: "Coffee is for enjoyment, not just for drinking. She aims to bring Vietnamese coffee beans to the world, not only let international friends know about Vietnamese coffee but also Vietnamese culture and people."

CEO Le Hoang Diep Thao wants to make Vietnamese coffee become famous globally

With endless love and sympathy for farmers, Mrs. Thao has developed her brand strongly to achieve success today. In addition, through the project "Women can do," she is also the CEO who inspires many talented and independent women who want to start their businesses.

"In the world coffee industry, Robusta accounts for 46%, and the trade value of the entire market is 467 billion USD (in 2020). Our advantage is so great that we must take it seriously, correct our mistakes to improve." Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao - founder and CEO of TNI King Coffee, shared at the "Back & Coffee" seminar.

In her speech, Ms. Diep Thao mentioned an inspirational autobiography drawn from her own life called The Queen of King Coffee. She said that her "Women Can Do" project helps 100,000 women start a business, while the "Happy Farmers" project comes with a vision to be a one-stop supplier and the largest commercial gateway in Vietnam for international partners and the world market.

CEO of TNI King Coffee believes the Vietnamese brand is a valuable asset that she wants to leave to the next generation. Since the 2000s, she used to do a lot of activities to share about brand issues, what can we do to build a generation of Vietnamese brands, and the desire to have a Vietnamese brand reaching out to the world. Because the world's big corporations do not come from coffee-growing countries, this is an advantage for our country.


At the launch event of her autobiography "The Queen of King Coffee," Ms. Thao also shared that for over 20 years she was a business leader, but she did not let people see her. It is amazing for the family but not good for herself when something goes wrong. "I think a woman when taking on a leadership role should balance her reputation in society and her home to do the right role of a leader, which will help steer the business boat to a stable direction." Mrs. Thao said.